Release notes details

We are glad to announce the release of Prime Mover version 1.0.4. This is mainly a bug-fix release. Change log below.

  • Fixed: Long running exporter ajax issue causing process hang-up.
  • Fixed: Branding names to Prime Mover.
  • Fixed: Not enough throttle on AJAX upload chunk causing errors on large uploads.
  • Fixed: Issue on server timeout for long running import requests.
  • Fixed: User is not notified on stalled export and import processes.
  • Fixed: Temporary export or import directory is not deleted on stalled or terminated processes.
  • Fixed: No error logging on footprint checks.

We also change variable naming and text instances of ‘multisite migration’ to ‘prime-mover’ inside the plugin for branding consistency and for the reasons that Prime Mover is not only a multisite migration plugin but works for both single sites and multi-sites.

Then as part of the fix, there is a major refactor of the way how import and export are done. Before 1.0.4, there is a single AJAX thread process to cover all import or export processes. The main disadvantage of this method is that it will run for a long time, prone to server timeouts. In 1.0.4, there is no single ajax thread but every import or export methods has its own dedicated AJAX threads.

This reduces server timeout issues drastically. For example, if you are in WP Engine hosting, they have 60 seconds timeout. Before 1.0.4, this 60 seconds timeout starts at first import/export process until the end. If you have a large site that requires for more 60 seconds of processing to complete, then Prime Mover is unable to complete export/import.

In version 1.0.4, this 60 seconds timeout applies to every method. So it gives more time for each process to complete. It gives more headroom in terms of resources.

Another improvement is that apply a significant throttle to upload time. Before we send upload request something like every seconds or two to the server. In big uploads like 2G or more, this can overload the server due to many requests. In version 1.0.4, this is reduced to 5 seconds, so every request sent should be able to complete before sending another upload chunk request.

One noticeable effect is that this can slow down uploads. But this less of a concern than having a server overloaded with requests. You can speed up uploads by getting a fast upload connection and tweak upload_max_filesize, post_max_size as big as possible.

Another improvement is that the plugin imposes a two – three minutes stalling / waiting time. Beyond this, the plugin outputs pop-up notices that the process is stalled due to server timeout or whatsoever. Then the plugin deletes whatever temporary zip or packages in your server for which the plugin was unable to process. This prevents clogging in your site.

Things to do after updating to 1.0.4

Please do the following right away after updating to version 1.0.4:

  • Clear your browser history and cache.
  • Purge cache if you are using CDN or caching plugins.

It will ensure that the resources/assets are updated correctly after updating to 1.0.4.

New requirements to prevent issues

Version 1.0.4 now requires that your wp-config.php is writable by the plugin ( for single-site). Otherwise, you will not be able to activate the plugin. The reason is that we need to declare WP_SITEURL and WP_HOME URL constants in the wp-config while the database is under ongoing migration (since these values are commonly found in options table but not available due to migration). When declared on the wp-config.php, it will prevent access errors since the site URL is always declared.

It is also important that you have the 8 (keys and salts) declared in your wp-config. If you only have 4 keys , you should add the salts also in your wp-config. This is very easily done using this generator (for which you should know already):

It is because when database is migrated, having these complete sets of keys and salts makes it easier for Prime Mover and WordPress to restore access credentials to the current user sessions. If you don’t have this, the import process might stalled.

We will add a check on this one in the coming version. But for now, double check your wp-config.php and make sure to have this completed before using the plugin.

Report new bugs

We did our best testing this. And it takes time. But in some rare cases, we might have missed something, so please report to us any issues you’ve found. It would be helpful to add steps to reproduce and details describing the issue.

For free users, please use WordPress plugin support forum and for those under subscription or free trial, please use our contact form.

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