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  1. Hi, i have try free version of Prime mover. I have a question regarding migrate a multisite’s subsite to standalone install.

    The network activated plugins from my multisite are migrated to new website when i done a restore. Does this plugin provide a features to filter plugins when performing a backup? Especially i don’t want all the network activated to be migrated, because i’ll send the backup to my customer to restore, thanks

    1. Hello Stanley,
      Thanks for the question and for trying out Prime Mover. Yes the Prime Mover Pro version includes a feature to exclude any network activated plugins. This is done on its network administrator settings page. For more details on this feature, please refer to this tutorial.
      This feature works for both multisite and single-site installation. So in case, you also want to exclude plugins from a single-site going out to either another single-site or multisite sub-site. This is also possible.
      Please let me know if you have any more questions. Cheers.

  2. When is it necessary to filter plugins? If a single site is being migrated to a multisite network, what happens if the multisite network has already some or all the single site plugins installed? And if some of the plugins are network activated? And if none of the single site plugins are already installed in the multisite network? Would it be better to ensure that all the single site plugins are already installed and not network activated in the multisite network before proceeding with the migration?

    1. Hi Josep, thanks for the questions. Please refer below for the answers (to my best of my knowledge) 🙂

      • When is it necessary to filter plugins?
      • – this one depends on the functionalities of your plugins activated and the intended usage of that plugin in the target site. For example, say you are migrating from a multisite network to single site. And in the multisite network, you are using a multisite or network only plugin. This plugin is a good candidate for filtering. Otherwise it will be included with the package and it might cause errors in the single site after migration. Or if you are migrating from single site to multisite, there are plugins that won’t work with multisite network. This needs to be filtered as well (if not needed or known to cause errors). Aside from that, there are lots of reasons. For example, you don’t need plugin X anymore in the target site, even though its compatible with the target site.

      • If a single site is being migrated to a multisite network, what happens if the multisite network has already some or all the single site plugins installed?
      • -If you migrate “Single site X” (including its plugins) to multisite; the plugins in the target will be overwritten with the migrated package version. This is for compatibility with the migrated site. For example, single site X requires version 5.0.0 of Plugin X. But Plugin X is still version 4.9.9 in multisite. When Single Site X is migrated, version 5.0.0 of plugin x is automatically installed for compatibility of the migrated site. Version 4.9.9 is deactivated and deleted. If you don’t want plugins to be touched during migration, you can create export that includes only the database and media files.

      • And if some of the plugins are network activated?
      • – Yes, when its network activated, it will still be network activated after plugin. Obviously if it needs to be updated (since a new version is included with the migration), the old version is network deactivated first and then re-installed. And finally network activated the new version.

      • And if none of the single site plugins are already installed in the multisite network?
      • – In this case, Prime Mover simply copies them to the target multisite plugins directory. And then activate it only on the subsites that is being migrated.

      • Would it be better to ensure that all the single site plugins are already installed and not network activated in the multisite network before proceeding with the migration?
      • – You don’t need to worry about this. It is because when a package includes plugins, Prime Mover will migrate all of these plugins (auto-copies them to plugins directory) and then re-activate them based on the original status on the target multisite (if its network activated, its network activated again). If its subsite activated, its activated only for subsites that uses it. Or if that plugin is entirely new to the network, its activated only that newly migrated subsite as well (not to the network or other subsites.)

  3. If I buy a Pro license (i.e. for 4 sites) then I need more sites, I have to buy a new one (i.e. Unlimited site license) or I can upgrade to a new plan an pay only the delta?

    1. Hello Vittorio, thanks for the interest in buying Pro license. Yes you can just upgrade to a new plan. To do this:

      1.) Login to your Freemius buyer account.
      2.) Go to Licenses
      3.) Click the active license you currently purchased (e.g. the 4-sites plan).
      4.) You should see the Upgrade to:
      Upgrade to
      5.) Click Pro-Unlimited-Sites

      That’s it. Once upgraded to unlimited sites – you will only pay the pro-rated adjustment which should be less than if you buy the unlimited license. Please let me know if you have additional questions by contacting us.

  4. I tried to use prime mover to move my WordPress site from windows to linux, and the package error trying to restore and leaves the WP site on the new PC unfunctional.

    How do I troubleshoot. Is a 9GB package too large to handle?

    1. Hello David,

      Thank you for using Prime Mover in your projects! Prime Mover can handle large packages (e.g. 9GB+ above, even in Free versions). First we want to know what is the runtime error that is returned when restoring the site. Knowing this runtime error is important so we will know if a workaround is available. Usually these runtime errors are caused by the following:

      ->Not enough disk space in your target site. e.g. if your hosting plan disk space is less than the size of your site

      ->Incompatible plugins or themes (e.g. plugins or themes that is designed to work only in Windows) but not applicable for Linux

      ->PHP version issues e.g. if your source site plugins (in Windows) is using older PHP version such as PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.0 but you migrate to newer Linux server that is using PHP 8.0. This can prevent some of your old plugins to work properly (e.g. they are not yet modified to support PHP 8.0).

      We have documented common runtime error issues in our troubleshooting guide here. Feel free to look if we already have a workaround for those errors. You can also reveal more errors by enabling WordPress debugging and by reading the migration logs. This should help in the troubleshooting and getting more details about the error.

      If none of those suggestions help – can you please share the `WPRIME` package that you want to restore to your Linux server? You can upload this package to Google Drive and please send us the link to download it. We will analyze this package to see if we are able to reproduce the issue in our Linux test server. If we are able to restore this on our end but it wont restore in your target server. The issue could be an issue in your target server. Please also attached any logs that you have generated using this tutorial (by zipping all of them) so we will have more clues regarding your setup.

      Thanks again!


  5. Hello,
    I would like to report this issue. I tried to install the plugin on a production site (wordpress multisite); I activated a free account waiting to downgrade

    *) –
    php:8.0 – wp6.1.1. – theme: graphene

    I had to deactivate it because the home page of the site is unmanageable … once deactivated everything is ok again.


    1. Hi Gianni,

      Thanks for your interest in Prime Mover! We sent you a private reply to your email regarding the tips on solving this issue. Please check your email gi*** If you still need assistance – please reply via email and we will continue our discussion there.


  6. Hello,

    Are there French resellers, or at least European resellers, allowing a purchase of the “Unlimited License Prime Mover PRO” by a public administration dependent on the French Ministry of National Education? Administrative order form or payment in Euro? Thanks

    1. Hello Mario,

      Thanks for your question. Yes anyone can purchase as long as it complies with the End user license agreement. Freemius Inc. is the authorized reseller of Prime Mover PRO plugin. If you have further questions regarding the technicality of the purchase – please send them a message to In addition as of now – you can only purchase the plugin in USD.


  7. I am loking to get off an old intranet server patform. Is it possible to use your software to migrate a WordPress local server intranet that runs on Apache/Linux to my Windows 2022 server which has IIS?

    1. Hello Joe,

      Thank you for your interest in using Prime Mover PRO! Regarding the compatibility of Prime Mover and your old intranet server – just try installing the latest version of Prime Mover in your site. And then check if the plugin can be activated successfully.

      Prime Mover plugin includes an automatic built-in dependency checker so it will auto-deactivate if your server cannot support it (e.g. too old PHP version, very old WordPress version, missing crucial dependencies, etc). For details – please check our complete article on Prime Mover technical requirements.

      And yes – Microsoft IIS is supported provided it meets all technical requirements and dependencies. If you have additional questions – feel free to contact us. Thank you again!


  8. Hello, this looks wondetrful plugin and meets most of my needs, but I still wonder if there is any bulit in solution within this plugin.

    I have 7 newspapers as single sites and some news reporters are shared. I’d like to move them to multisite, since I have decided to use a new shared theme and leverage shared user base.

    This plugin should be able to migrate my contents and users(thus news reporters) except the the and associated plugin. Upto this part is wonderful. But, I am afraid if I end up with many of same user account sourced from different single sites.

    For example, writer A from single site Alpha and Beta have the same credentials on each single site, and when migration is completed, I wonder there are two accounts for the writer A, each from single site Alpha and Beta. It would be wonderful, if I have option to “join” the same user into one account.

    Though it is not critical, and I believe I can do that aftet spending hours on DB for replacing user IDs, yet I would have no hesitation to buy the pro version if the feature is availble. Thx for reading my Q

    1. Hello Keith,
      Thank you for interest in using Prime Mover PRO! Regarding your concern, Prime Mover handles user migrations based on this technical specification. This means that as long as the user already exists (by checking if the user exists based on email) in the multisite – no new user account is created but that user is migrated as existing user. This way – moving different single sites into a multisite will not result to duplicating same users if these users already exists because of previous migrations.

      The post authors IDs are automatically updated also to the newly migrated user ID (or existing user ID if the user already exists). The user migration technical specifications describes it in details on how Prime Mover handles these users during the migration. I would suggest to do a local feasibility test (in a local multisite environment) and migrate a few of your single sites using Prime Mover PRO to multisite and see if it meets your specifications/needs. Once you see that it works as expected – you can continue moving your sites to multisite and it should work as tested.

      Prime Mover PRO also have 14 days FREE trial just in case you want to give it a test in your development environment. Please see our pricing page for details. If you think you still have follow-up questions – please get in touch with us via our contact page. Thank you!


      1. Thank you so much for this quick and comforting answer. I am glad to find Prime Mover and will prbbly stick to this for all my website transition going forward. Best wishes!

  9. Hi,

    I have a production multisite. We created a clone of the production multisite to use as a development site. One of the dev subsites is now ready to launch into production.

    Can Prime Mover backup/clone/copy the dev subsite to replace the corresponding production subsite? Will all the dev links be updated to the production URL?


    1. Hi Steve,

      Thank you for the question! Yes Prime Mover can be used to backup/clone and copy the dev subsite to the production site. Prime Mover will handle the search and replace of URLs automatically to the production URL. For example if the subsite site URL is `mydevmultisite.tld/my-subsite-one/` – it will be updated to `myproductionmultisite.tld/my-subsite-one/`. For this to work – it assumes your development multisite uses it’s own development site URLs.

      To get started with Prime Mover PRO – please take a look at our pricing page and if you have further questions let us know in our contact page. Thanks again!



      1. Hi Emerson,

        Yes, the dev subsite uses its own URL, Production is

        I started a Pro trial, but can you point me to documentation as to how to complete this copy/migration for the dev subsite back to production subsite?


        1. Hello Steve,

          Thank you for starting out a trial! Yes we have the list of complete plugin documentation for your reference. Using this plugin should be easy – you simply need to export and specify the export parameters (e.g. if you want to move complete package, database only, & specify the target blog ID if moving to multisite, etc). You can then restore it to your target site via browser upload, via package manager or via remote URL if both dev and production site is accessible via Internet (using its own DNS).

          If you need any technical assistance or support – please open a ticket to us via the contact form or via Prime Mover PRO -> Contact us inside your WordPress admin / network admin dashboard. This will help us assist you faster in a more secure manner. Thank you again!



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