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Do I need to adjust my PHP upload parameters for large packages?

This is not required. Prime Mover is designed to cope up with limited PHP upload parameters. So even if your package zip size is 60 MB and your server PHP max upload file size is only 2MB (PHP default, and you are on shared hosting- cannot change).

Prime Mover will automatically slice your package to 2MB upload sessions until its uploaded completely. It even checks if you have slower connection, it even slices it lower as your connection can only allow without sending too much to the server.

However we recommend the following for best upload experience (especially for those migrating or upload very large packages):

  • Fastest upload speed connection you can obtain.
  • If you can change upload_max_filesize and post_max_size (or if your hosting allows to change this for your site). Set them as high as possible as your server can allow.
  • Upgrade to PRO version if you are restoring a very large site (e.g. >300MB zip package size) especially if you are on a slow upload connection and will not be able to change any server settings. PRO version offers more solutions in case you will have upload issues in the FREE version.

Do I need to adjust my server timeout settings for exporting or restoring very large sites?

Please read this guide on migrating large sites and see if adjusting a timeout works for you as well as other solutions.

What is a debug package?

Debug package is a Prime Mover package without media uploads. This simplifies migration. An ideal solution for developers needing to clone/migrate a site for WordPress debugging.

Debug package is not recommended for migrating complete sites (which means working/stable images, etc.). It does not handle images like it was in stable sites.

Does the free version be able to handle very large sites?

Yes, however the maximum size supported in free version is 4GB (total zip size of a complete package that includes dB + media + plugins/themes). This is mostly related to browser upload limits. Prime Mover will validate and notify you if the package size is too much for the browser to handle.

In this case, you should manually upload this package to your server (via SSH or SFTP). Once uploaded, get the URL to the zip and use the Prime Mover remote URL restore feature (Pro version).

If your browser can still accept the uploads (say for example, you have a package less than 4 Gigabytes but still very large). It is now recommended to increase the size your server upload and timeout parameters to speed up the process. Otherwise the restoration will be very slow.

If you are using free version on shared hosts and you have a very big site, you might have problems. It’s because shared hosts restricts CPU, memory and other resources required for migration to complete.

It is always recommended that you switch to VPS or dedicated hosting solution for best performance if you have a large site. You can still migrate your large site inside your shared hosts using these techniques if you encounter migration issues.

Is there any way to speed up the migration process for default upload restoration?

If your package is hosted on third party sites like other websites or in cloud services like Dropbox, Google drive, etc. You can use the PRO feature “Remote URL restore” feature. This will speed up the process since it will fetch the zip package URL directly from the source and download it directly to your site. No need to download to your Desktop and upload again ! But if the source package is located in your local Desktop and you want to migrate it to remote site. There are three approaches you should do to speed-up the upload if you can tweak these settings:

  • Use large upload_max_filesize (ideally 32MB + ) in your target site.
  • Use post_max_size ideally about 4 times your set upload_max_filesize. So if you set upload_max_filesize to 32MB, set your post_max_size to 128MB.
  • Make sure your memory_limit is around the same or greater than post_max_size
  • Make sure your Internet connection provides the fastest upload speed possible to your remote site.
  • Use latest version of Prime Mover.

Does the free version be able to restore encrypted packages created by the Pro version?

Yes, but it is required that the target site uses the same key used to encrypt the package at the source site. Take note that the free version cannot be used to create encrypted packages but it can restore encrypted packages.

Why I’m only be able to restore only by uploads

You are using the Free version. In Pro version, you should be able to restore via uploads, remote URL to the zip and restore zip as backup within your server.

How can I exclude some plugins from being included in the migration package ?

The free version does not include a plugin exclusion feature. This is only available in the PRO version.

How can I exclude some media files from being included in the migration package ?

The free version does not include a media files exclusion feature. This is only available in the PRO version.

Is my package secure ?

The free version does not store any zip package in your server. So there is no possibility anyone can download it. However the free version does not have encryption support, so the database and media files are readable by anyone if they can access your zip. In Pro version, there is an optional encryption support that you can use to protect your database and media files. This is highly recommended if data security is a concern.

How does this work in multisites ?

Prime Mover support multisite migrations (including FREE versions). This is done only on the network administration pages by super-administrators. Both Free and Pro version does not support giving this privilege to ordinary subsite administrators.

The migration mode can supportj (available in both Free and Pro version):

  • Single-site migrate to Single-site
  • Single-site migrate to Multisite sub-site
  • Multisite sub-site migrate to another Multisite sub-site (even using different blog IDs)
  • Multisite sub-site migrate to Single-site.

Why is it required to provide blog ID for single site to multisite migration ?

Prime Mover uses this blog ID to validate which site does the package will be restored into. Without blog ID, there is no way to detect the target site.

Any limitations on using this plugin?

Prime Mover does not migrate WordPress users and user meta table. This allows you to migrate sites inside the WordPress admin (current users preserved) and also a more secure migration method. This also allows smooth multisite sub-site to single-site migration and vice-versa without any hassle as the user tables are not overwritten or involved in the process.

If you really need to migrate users / user meta table as well, then Prime Mover plugin is not the right plugin to use. In addition, Prime Mover does not migrate WordPress core files (including wp-config.php). This is not necessary since WordPress strongly enforces backward compatibility in it’s core. Prime Mover only migrates the main essentials of a website: database, media files, the plugins and themes being used. In a multi-site, you can only migrate sub-site (one zip package for one site – just like in single site). You cannot use Prime Mover to migrate the main site of a multisite or migrate all sub-sites (or entire network) in a single zip package.

However, we are adding this to our todo list to add user migration support. It will be added in future versions.

If you are on a shared hosting and you are migrating very big sites, the plugin is limited to the resources provided by your shared host. Sometimes these shared hosts are very restrictive in resources that makes it unable to complete export or import for ANY migration plugins (even WordPress core operations itself, often you will get errors). That is why it is always recommended nowadays that you switch to a VPS, managed hosting or dedicated hosting to meet the demands of your large site.

Is this PHP 7.0+ compatible?

Yes, PHP 7.0+ is highly recommended if your hosting supports it. PHP 7.3+ is the fastest currently (as of 2019) based on our testing. We recommend using this one if all of your plugins supports it.

We don’t anymore recommend using PHP 5.6 as its outdated, slow and not anymore suggested by WordPress (in fact you should see upgrade PHP notice in recent WordPress updates).

While restoring a site it freezes at importing database or renaming dB prefix; is this normal?

No, you might need to provide complete secure keys and salt to your wp-config.php. Try this solution:

  • Go to
  • Copy the keys and all salts (all of them) and update it to your wp-config.php. Make sure to remove old keys and replace them with the one in the generator.
  • Clear browser cache.
  • Delete any temporary files (unfinished import) in wp-content/uploads/prime-mover-import-files.
  • Repeat the import process.

Permanent fix to this one is already added in version 1.0.6. Please always use the latest Prime Mover version in both of your source and target site.

I saw some errors being logged during migration, do I need to panic?

No. Due to complex nature of restoration, you might see random errors as the site is not fully migrated yet. This is usually normal if the site does not encounter fatal runtime errors. It is recommended to wait until the migration is completed and check the visual and functionality results of the site. If the site appears broken, its time to look into these errors in detail.

I saw some 404 errors after migration. do I need to worry?

No. You need to refresh the permalink by logging-in to your `WordPress admin -> Settings -> Permalinks` . Simply click save (do not change any settings). This should resolve most 404 issues.

The site got locked in maintenance mode. How to get out of maintenance mode?

In version 1.0.3+ we added a link to administrators to disable maintenance mode. So, pasting them in the browser address bar is no longer necessary. If you happen to be logged-out, you should manually delete the option named as prime_mover_maintenance in the WordPress database options table.

If you are on a multisite, manually delete the .maintenance file just like any stalled WordPress updates.

Can I deactivate or remove Freemius?

No. We use Freemius as a licensing platform for the plugin pro version. It’s included in the free version, so any users can easily upgrade to PRO version. You can choose to un-subscribe to any communications by Freemius after you have activated the free version. Just click “Skip” in the opt-in dialog. Freemius will not slow down your site or harvest for personal details without your permission. If you have any questions related to Freemius, feel free to shoot a question to

How can I get support?

There is a community-support for free version of Prime Mover which is hosted in forum. PRO and Free Trial customers can get faster/dedicated technical support through emails. This can be done using the contact form within the plugin admin settings.

What is your support policy?

It’s here.

Where can I ask Pre-sales Questions?

You can ask questions before you buy. This is recommended so we will know whether Prime Mover is the right solution for your problem.

This is the link to our pre-sales questions page.

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