Our Mission

We make your WordPress life easy; we do all the hard work.

Codexonics Ltd believes in making WordPress plugins that solve complex problems without passing technical complexity to the end user.

This is how we differentiate from other companies. We put a strong emphasis on usability, performance, security, and stability of the plugin.

As long as our products help WordPress users lives easier, we are fulfilling our mission.

The Company

Codexonics Limited is incorporated in the UK ( company number: 11999639) Registered address 71-75 Shelton Street London Greater London WC2H 9JQ United Kingdom.

The People

Codexonics Ltd was founded on May 2019 by Emerson Maningo, software engineer and a digital nomad.

Emerson contributed to WordPress core, a WordCamp speaker and plugin author.

He is also currently the Company Director and is responsible for running the company.

Our Brand

Codexonics® and Prime Mover® are registered trademarks of Codexonics Limited (Trademark numbers UK00003405943 and UK00003405949) . Please obtain our permission if you like to use these marks in your commercial / non-commercial software projects.