Great news! Today Prime Mover 1.2.5 is released after a month long wait. This is supposed to be released last December 2020 but postponed due to holidays. So here it is now.

Change log

= 1.2.5 =

  • Fixed: Timeout errors with remote URL restore.
  • Fixed: Slow and redundant HTTP requests.
  • Fixed: Support for Google Drive.
  • Fixed: Outdated Freemius package.json file.


Google Drive support is added as a new PRO feature in version 1.2.5 release. This means that you can now save a package to Google Drive. And with this feature, you can as well restore package from Google Drive. This is the second cloud support feature added in the PRO version (the first one being Dropbox support).

For details, please read this documentation on using Prime Mover with Google Drive API. Google Drive offers a generous 15 GB account limit (as of 2021). So there should be no reason why you should not take advantage of this!

Performance and bug fixes

There is a big performance improvement in version 1.2.5 for the remote URL feature (PRO version). Before this, the HEAD requests is done first before the actual GET requests to get the body. The issue is that the HEAD requests results are not cached. Thus, it makes a lot of HEAD requests in the process that slows down downloading.

With version 1.2.5, these HEAD requests results are cached (since results are the same throughout the downloading sessions anyway). The results are dramatic, there is a big reduction in the redundant requests. This is particularly important when dealing with API requests since each requests are counted toward your quota. Example of API requests that counts quota are those requests to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Freemius minor update

There is a small file update in the Freemius SDK. It should not be a big deal and not big update to the SDK. So this should not affect anything.

What’s next?

The next thing is going to ramp up bug hunting in different hosting configurations. There are lots of data that we need to review in relation to this. Automated backup feature and save to S3 are one of the features that needs a bit of attention.

Help us improve

Automated tests are maintained and increasing for each release (there are over 1700+ tests and counting). Bugs might slipped and still exists in some rare configurations. This is our goal to know this and reproduce.

However, we need your help. If you see something is not working and is reproducible (you have steps to see this problem). Feel free to contact us and report this. Add all logs, screenshots and even link to download the packages if you have one. We appreciate if you can provide us logins to your WordPress sites. This is much helpful since we can exactly troubleshoot the issue directly in your site.

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