Change log

= 1.3.3 =

  • Fixed: Performance issues on user export.
  • Fixed: Removed dependencies to fileinfo PHP extension.
  • Fixed: Unable to download package from package manager due to header errors.
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with Local by Flywheel.
  • Fixed: Unable to dump database due to custom MySQL port configuration.
  • Fixed: Inaccurate MySQLDump error reporting.
  • Fixed: Responsive mobile issues on upgrade button.

Local by Flywheel compatibility

Local by Flywheel is another popular solution of testing WordPress sites in local server. However, Prime Mover older versions does not work with it. This is now fully compatible with Prime Mover 1.3.3.

Things tested are single site and multisite installations of Local By Flywheel. This improvement was added to both FREE and PRO versions. You can use Prime Mover with this just like you use it with your remote sites.

User export performance improvement

Older versions of Prime Mover uses LIMIT – OFFSET to export users of WordPress site. This is becoming very slow when the site has so many users to export (e.g. 10,000 + or even hundreds of thousands!).

Now with Prime Mover 1.3.3, it uses the MySQL seek method to dump and export users. This drastically cuts down the time to export users. In testing benchmark, exporting 250,000 users (a lot) takes almost an hour to complete in older versions . Now this is less than 6 minutes, how cool was that? ­čÖé

This improvement was added to both FREE and PRO versions.

PHP-MySQLDump compatibility fixes

Some sites uses custom MySQL port for connecting to database. In older version, if MySQL port is not added in the wp-config.php database host name configuration, it assumes it uses default MySQL port (e.g. 3306). This is not true in all servers, some servers do not specify port in wp-config.php yet uses custom MySQL port. This is now handled in both Prime Mover free and PRO versions.

Also, we improved MySQLdump error reporting to provide specific details. So if you hit runtime error, you can be pretty sure what error is causing it.

Removed FileInfo PHP extension dependency

In older version of Prime Mover, it uses this extension for correct zip file type validation. However zip is no longer supported; so it is now completely removed with Prime Mover 1.3.3. This does not have any side effects and you can still restore old Prime Mover zip packages as usual. This is removed since it is no longer used and usually some servers does not have this pre-installed causing Prime Mover activation issues.

Cosmetic fixes – package manager upgrade buttons

There are some cosmetic annoyance when using narrow browser width especially on screens with low resolution. Upgrade buttons for Prime Mover does not look good, who will be happy to upgrade to paid version with that? ­čśë

Now this is fixed with Prime Mover 1.3.3.


That’s it! Prime Mover 1.3.3 covers a lot of fixes and improvements – we are not yet done. There are still tons of improvements in coming versions. If you have suggestions or noticed something is not working with this version, please contact us . Thanks!

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