Change log

= 1.4.0 =

  • Fixed: Runtime error with theme import for nested themes.
  • Fixed: Removed dependency with writable WordPress root directory.
  • Fixed: Improved compatibility with Managed WordPress hosting setups.
  • Fixed: Performance issues during package upload.
  • Fixed: Unable to complete package upload due to third party plugin conflicts.

Theme restore bug fix

Some themes are not restored due to the way they are structured. A good example of this Avada Theme. It’s structured like this:

Avada Theme -> Avada -> style.css

This means that there is a main folder “Avada Theme” and then inside this is another folder named as “Avada” . Finally inside these are the theme files. This structure is different from other themes.

This type of theme structure is allowed by WordPress and can be activated in Appearance -> Themes. In previous versions of Prime Mover – all sites using Avada theme (and using this structure) cannot be restored. It returns a run time error during import.

This is now fixed with version 1.4.0.

Performance and compatibility issues during upload restore

In previous versions, when an upload restore is made. Every chunk of upload is passed through AJAX via WordPress. This process is passed through WordPress API which by default uses all third party activated plugins. Therefore this process can be buggy especially if the site uses a lot of plugins. There is always a chance that a third party plugin could interfere with the Prime Mover upload process. This can result to incomplete upload, or it freezes or even corrupts the package.

Aside from potential bugs – it could introduce performance issues as every chunk triggers all third party activated plugins code to run. In shared hosting – this has big impact on performance because they have limited CPU and RAM.

In version 1.4.0 – all third party plugins from upload restore processing are bypassed. So all uploads are only dealt with the core WordPress code and Prime Mover itself. There should be no third party plugins that can interfere with the upload process. The end result is faster and more stable upload restore process.

Improved managed WordPress hosting compatibility

In previous versions of Prime Mover – it requires that the WordPress root should be writable. This is not anymore the case with version 1.4.0. This writable dependency of WordPress root has been removed. It is because there are managed WordPress hosting setups that restricts write access to WordPress root for security reasons. This restriction means that Prime Mover cannot even be activated or used in these type of hosting setups.

This limitation is now fixed with the latest version.

Lock files directory created in uploads directory

In previous versions, lock files are written to the WordPress root. However to facilitate changes with removed WordPress root permission dependency – all lock files are moved to uploads directory. Lock files are temporary files created by Prime Mover to monitor the progress of the restoration (e.g. plugins restore, Dropbox upload or Google Drive upload. It also includes signature files that is used by the encryption feature.

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