• Fixed: All third party plugins conflict during restoration process.
  • Fixed: Performance issues on file logging causing crash in export/restore process.
  • Fixed: Search and replace issue on custom multisites.
  • Fixed: Generic URL scheme search and replace issue.
  • Fixed: Stuck restoration process due to missing user role on import.
  • Fixed: Search and replace issue when moving site to single-site subdirectory.
  • Fixed: PHP notices on constant already defined.
  • Fixed: Redundant Prime Mover plugin activation during restore.

Highlight #1 – Fixed Log performance issues

Some restore and export functionality does not work in some hosts because of aggressive logging. This is now turn off by default. As a result – this should now work in all hosts with limited resources.

Highlight #2 – Third party plugin conflicts

Prime Mover 1.4.3 and below is prone to third party conflicts. This is now fixed with Prime Mover 1.4.4 + . This version is now immune to any possible third party plugin conflicts that affects restoration or export.

Highlight #3 – Search and replace overhaul

Older versions of Prime Mover is buggy to search and replace. All possible combinations are studied, problems identified and now fixed with Prime Mover 1.4.4 version.

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