This release is packed with super-important bug fixes! Read them one by one to see if you have these issues with previous releases and update to the latest version to get it fixed.

Change log

  • Fixed: Compatibility issue on servers that don’t return content length header response.
  • Fixed: Multisite subsite licensing errors.
  • Fixed: Corrupted remote URL downloads due to redirections.
  • Fixed: Unable to export/import due to third party plugin nonce issues.
  • Fixed: Runtime error due to third party theme custom codes.

Better remote URL compatibility

Some servers does not send content length header in the response. This prevents Prime Mover PRO remote URL feature to work properly. The work around is to send a custom response header for content length. This now works for all servers that are previously affected with this issue. This is regardless if the server sends or does not send content length header response.

Improved multisite licensing issues

If you are using single site license on multisite or license with fewer sites on it – you might need to deactivate license and then activate the license on your other subsites to use Prime Mover PRO features. However this is not easily done before with Prime Mover PRO. User needs to reset license and then re-activate it on the new subsite.

This is now permanently fixed with version 1.4.6 – user does not need to reset license anymore when needing to transfer the license. User simply need to click deactivate license on that site and then click Activate license button on your other subsites. That’s it!

Corrupted remote URL downloads due to redirections

Previously, Prime Mover does not check if the header status is 200OK or partial content response. This causes issues with corrupted content during remote URL downloading. A good example is Dropbox where it redirects during content requests on retries.

When redirected – the package got written with the redirection notice content that corrupts the entire WPRIME package. The solution is to check if the header status is not 301 or 302. If it’s redirection – don’t write anything to the WPRIME package file.

Third party nonce conflicts

During Prime Mover processes (export, import, etc) – third party plugins are isolated to prevent them from conflicting with the restore/export processes. However WordPress nonce can still get filtered before running any Prime Mover processes. As result , when a process runs – the nonce is incorrect since the third party plugin is already isolated on runtime. This causes a stalled export, import, downloading or uploading process.

The fix is to have a dedicated nonce mechanism that still relies on WordPress nonce functions. This cannot be overwritten by any plugins since these nonce are created and verified solely for Prime Mover processes implementation. Other nonce checks will not be affected.

Third party theme code conflicts

In a multisite – main site theme is loaded on any Prime Mover processes (e.g. restore, export, etc.). This looks OK if the theme is well built and does not have any third party code dependencies. However some themes does not check this dependency and could cause fatal errors when Prime Mover restores a site.

For example, if Theme A on main site relies on some third party plugin class. During restore – all third party plugins are deactivated on runtime except Prime Mover plugin. Since the main site theme A is still loaded – it’s dependent class is now missing and will return fatal error breaking the restore process. This is now fixed with version 1.4.6 and the active theme is now isolated also (just like all plugins) when Prime Mover runs it own processes.

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