Change log

This is a quick but very important update that includes these bug fixes:

  • Fixed: Updated Freemius SDK to 2.5.12.
  • Fixed: Call to undefined function set_time_limit().
  • Fixed: Missing MO translation files after import.

Freemius SDK 2.5.12 update

In this version – the Freemius SDK is updated to version 2.5.12. For details on these changes – please refer to their own change log. This change should not affect existing functionality inside Prime Mover plugin.

Support for hosting without set_time_limit() enabled

There are some hosting setups that don’t have set_time_limit() function enabled. This function is used internally inside the plugin. Actually Prime Mover should run fine without this function enabled – an optional check is added in the latest version to support this.

Earlier versions will return a fatal error. The user will not be able to create a backup or restore a site without this function enabled If you have this issue – please always update to latest version.

Fixed missing MO translation files

Prime Mover (both free and PRO version) supports migration and backup of multilingual sites. In earlier versions there are some issues with missing translation files. As a result – when a site gets restored to the target site – some translations are missing and the only workaround is to refresh the translation.

These issues are now fixed with the latest update.

Let us know your feedback!

If you are using Prime Mover latest version and still having issues that you should like us to resolve – please get in touch with us. We will be happy to hear it! Thank you!

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