Change log

  • Fixed: BuddyPres avatar directory deleted during media import retry.
  • Fixed: Directory listing in Prime Mover directories (Credits: Dmitrii Ignatyev / Cleantalk Inc.)

Improved BuddyPress / BuddyBoss migration

There is a bug found during BuddyPress / BuddyBoss migration affecting the avatar profile directory being deleted. This only affects for large imports with many media files to be copied (thus requiring retry during timeouts).

Note that the issue does not affect export (if package is already created with Prime Mover 1.9.2+) only the import end. So this means – you don’t need to re-create package in order to have the permanent fix. Users simply need to update Prime Mover to version 1.9.3 to get the correct import.

Directory Listing on Prime Mover export directories

This version also enhanced the protection of Prime Mover export directories by completely disabling directory listing. Note that most servers have this disabled for privacy reasons – and that Prime Mover already has deny from all directive on it’s folders. This additional enhancement is to ensure that even if the server has directory listing enabled or even not properly configured – it is still protected because of these index files.

Note that once the plugin is updated to version 1.9.3 – it is automatically updated. And that this behavior will also work automatically in all these aspects:

  • New plugin installations.
  • Existing installations and user updates to Prime Mover 1.9.3.
  • Every time the user creates export – it is updated.
  • Microsoft IIS installations as well using web.config file.
  • Every time the user creates new site in multisite with Prime Mover network activated.
  • This includes PRO users as well.
  • Every time user accesses the package manager of the single-site or multisite subsite.

That’s it! We highly recommend to update to Prime Mover version 1.9.3 as soon as you can to get these nice important updates.

Concerns and suggestions

If you think you found a bug or has a concern with the plugin – please get in touch with us here. Thank you!

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