Change log

  • Fixed: Updated Freemius SDK to version 2.6.2.
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with servers that imposed strict rate limiting controls.
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with Cloudflare WAF controls.
  • Fixed: CPU and high memory usage in limited servers due to high server requests.
  • Feature: Added turbo mode setting to speed up export and restore process.

Freemius SDK version 2.6.2

Freemius implemented a garbage collector on this release. The purpose is to automatically clean up Freemius data on unused plugins. This clean up reduces the size of the Freemius options in database. This would translate to faster website loading times, lesser compatibility issues and better resource usage.

For details – please check out the Freemius version 2.6.2 release notes.

Better rate limiting and WAF controls

There were problems with older versions when used in hosts that have aggressive rate limiting and WAF (Web application firewall) security policies. For example – original requests rate will be around:

  • Progress requests (for updating the status of the restore and backup) – one request per 7 seconds.
  • Core requests (for executing backup and restore tasks) – one request per second.

The above values has problems with some hosts. Simply because there are rate limiting policies that blocks requests if its sending a request per second. This limitation is resolved in this version by slowing down the overall requests to a more realistic values:

  • Progress requests – one request per 37 seconds.
  • Core requests – one request per 15 seconds.

These values are tested in affected hosting and it now seems to work with any sites tested.

New Feature – Turbo mode setting

To compensate the above changes on better rate limiting controls (which slows down the export and restore) – a new setting is added in Prime Mover 1.9.5 called “Turbo mode“.

This setting is typically used if your server is not affected with any rate limiting policies in your hosts. Once this turbo mode is enabled – it will speed up the backup and restore just like it was in the previous versions.

This setting is OFF by default to ensure compatibility with all servers. Only enable this if necessary (e.g. if you want to speed up the backup / restore and your hosting allows it without throttling your usage).

For details on this new setting – please check out this complete guide.

Questions? Feedback?

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