Change log

  • Fixed: Fatal error in user import retry process using PHP 8.2.15.
  • Fixed: Auto-adjust user_id columns in database to correct values during import.
  • Fixed: Added settings filter ‘prime_mover_custom_user_id_col‘ to adjust non-default user id columns.
  • Fixed: Infinite loop in third party processor during import process retry.
  • Compatibility: Tested for WordPress 6.5 release.

Auto user adjustment

In this version – Prime Mover auto adjust user_id columns in database tables to the migrated user IDs. These tables are third party WordPress tables created by WordPress plugins and themes. In previous versions – these are not possible and needs to be manually patched inside Prime Mover using user adjustment API.

Previous versions of Prime Mover already adjust user IDs by default for most common plugins such as WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Easy Digital Downloads, etc.

To get the most of automatic user adjustment (if your site uses custom database tables with user_id column names):

  • Create new or updated export using Prime Mover 1.9.7+. Note that packages created before Prime Mover 1.9.7 does not have auto-user adjustment support. If your site still use old version of Prime Mover – you must update to the latest version to get this feature. A new / updated export is required to use this feature.
  • Restore or migrate this newly updated package to the target site using Prime Mover 1.9.7+.

Take note that this default implementation is only limited to database tables having a specific user_id column name. If you have a third party application using a different column name – it won’t get auto-adjusted. In the future version – we will add a setting that will allow users to auto-adjust user ID columns of any column names.

WordPress 6.5 Compatibility

Prime Mover 1.9.7 release is fully tested with the latest RC release of WordPress 6.5. It is fully compatible and there are no issues found. Take note that while Prime Mover is compatible – your other site plugins might not be compatible – so it is highly suggested that you fully test your site before upgrading to WordPress 6.5 release.

According to WordPress, version 6.5 is scheduled to be released this coming March 26, 2024.

Bug fixes

  • A fatal error caused by PHP 8.2 SPLFixedArray bug was fixed with a workaround in Prime Mover 1.9.7. This fatal error only affects if your site uses PHP 8.2. PHP team already added permanent fix to this issue. For full compatibility with older PHP 8.2 release – a workaround is added inside Prime Mover plugin.
  • Infinite loop when retrying third party data processing – this is fixed in Prime Mover 1.9.7. It only affects when migrating and processing large amounts of third party data. Prime Mover import is unable to complete due to infinite loop. This is now fixed with the latest version.

Send us your feedback

If you have some comments, suggestions and issues dealing with this new Prime Mover 1.9.7 – please let us know. Thank you!

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