Change log

  • Fixed: Incompatibility issues with database servers using ANSI_QUOTE SQL mode.
  • Fixed: Unable to rename tables, please check that your database is not empty or these tables exists.
  • Fixed: Removed support for sites that have empty database prefix set.
  • Fixed: Updated Freemius SDK to version 2.7.2.
  • Fixed: Uncaught Exception: Unable to locate placement anchor.
  • Fixed: Added PHP 8.3 as the latest supported PHP version.

ANSI_QUOTE SQL mode compatibility

Some database servers (particularly managed database platforms) have ANSI_QUOTE SQL mode enabled. This mode allows double quotes to be considered as an identifier aside from the standard back ticks. For details on this SQL mode – you can refer to this official documentation on MySQL.

This mode creates issues with backup and migration because not all servers have this mode enabled. As a result when a MySQL database dump (created with ANSI_QUOTE) is migrated or restored to a database server that does not recognize this mode – it will prevent the database tables from being created properly.

This is because the CREATE_TABLE statements in the dump file are encoded with double quotes as identifiers. These are not recognized to other database servers then it causes a problem with the restoration process.

Since Prime Mover 1.9.9 – it detects if the source site uses ANSI_QUOTES SQL mode. If true – it will attempt to disable it on the dump and replace the double quote identifiers with back ticks. This makes the database dump file fully compatible with any database server.

Remove support for sites without table prefix

Modern WordPress installations require table prefixes. If you set table_prefix in your wp-config.php to an empty value – you cannot install WordPress. However, this is not true in very old WordPress installations. Way back year 2010+ with WordPress 3.4+ – it was possible to install WordPress even with table prefix set to empty value.

While WordPress makes this backward compatible even with the latest versions – this creates so many issues with plugins and makes the multisite almost impossible to run properly. This is the reason why WordPress Core added this check during installation. All sites should be using table prefixes nowadays. Actually, in the multisite environment – the table prefix is used by WordPress (and other plugins as well) to identify the correct database tables for that specific sub-sites.

Prime Mover plugin didn’t check this limitation with previous versions. As a result – sites migrated are impossible to restore because the table prefix is missing. There are tons of errors. To prevent all these complexities – Prime Mover simply checks if this table prefix is missing just like what the WordPress core is doing today. If missing – Prime Mover cannot be activated.

Before you can fully migrate a site – you must add a table prefix to your site. This is a complicated procedure and could break your site. Make sure you test your site properly when making this change and make a lot of manual backups in the process.

Freemius SDK 2.7.2 update

The latest SDK by Freemius brought out many improvements, better performance updates, and bug fixes. This is now shipped with the latest Prime Mover 1.9.9. If you are interested in knowing the detailed changes on this SDK update – please refer to this link and check out version 2.7.2 (latest) as well as version 2.7.0 update.

PHP 8.3 support

The latest Prime Mover 1.9.9 is tested with PHP 8.3 (both export and import). It works perfectly. During testing – it looks like PHP 8.3 behaves very similarly in terms of performance and features with PHP 8.2. So if you have a fully working site with PHP 8.2 – you can easily switch to PHP 8.3.

Only around 1.5% ~ 2.5% of all WordPress sites use this PHP version. But this is added as future-proofing for all users planning to switch to PHP 8.3. Do take note that even though Prime Mover is compatible with this version – your other plugins might not work perfectly. So it is recommended to fully test your site with PHP 8.3 before you think of migrating to this PHP version.

Bug fixes

Some sites with custom wp-config.php have issues restoring a package because Prime Mover writes some configuration to it before a site can be restored. However – since the wp-config is customized or even read-only this configuration could not be written properly thus returning a fatal error.

This is now fully fixed with Prime Mover 1.9.9. The fix added is to check if wp-config.php is usable and writable – only then the plugin will write configuration to this file. Otherwise, it will write to the mu-plugins directory where it’s writable most of the time.

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