When using Prime Mover – you might want to do some maintenance such as deleting unneeded files and clearing some files to regain disk space. This tutorial illustrates the complete procedure.

Step 1 – Use package manager to delete backups

Login to your WordPress site and go to Prime Mover -> Packages. Review each of the packages and decide which one you would like to delete. Take note that after deleting – the file is completely lost so make sure you do this process carefully.

If you have a fairly large site – backup files can easily clogged-up your site and use significant disk space. Deleting very old and unused backups can really help free up some space. This is very useful if you are in a hosting environment that limits disk space.

Step 2 – Use “Delete all backups and files” feature

Now if you are sure that you want to delete all backups as well as all logs to regain all disk space used by Prime Mover. You can easily do that using “Delete all backups” button:

  • Login to your WordPress site.
  • Go to Prime Mover -> Settings.
  • Scroll down to “Backup management” section.
  • You should see the red “Delete all backups” button.
  • Before you proceed – you can do a quick check of how much disk space is being used by all of your existing Prime Mover packages/logs by clicking “Compute backup directory size“.
  • When you really want to delete all backups and all logs – click “Delete all backups” button.
  • It will ask for confirmation (careful because once deleted there is no way to bring back these files!)
  • Once you proceed you can re-compute disk usage using “Compute backup directory size” – it should now be zero.

[Optional] Step 3 – Manually clear up Prime Mover import files directory

If you have used the Prime Mover default upload feature (usually available including free versions) and that these uploads fail (e.g. your connection is disconnected or you are in unstable Internet, or you have cancelled the upload, etc) – you can delete these chunks inside your Prime Mover import files directory.

  • Login to your WordPress server via FTP or any file manager (e.g. the one provided by your web host).
  • Navigate to /wp-content/uploads/prime-mover-import-files/
  • If this directory exist – please go inside this directory and delete all files (if there are files on it).
  • If this directory does not exist – its fine – since this directory is only created when you restore a site via upload.

Need help?

Please get in touch with our technical support. For faster resolution – please include screenshots, details, logs and much better – WordPress/ SFTP access to your site if you need immediate assistance.

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