Scope: Prime Mover Free / Pro version

Sometimes an import / restoration process can hang indefinitely. Common symptom is a stuck progress indicator that does not seem to progress to the next step or stays the same forever.

Possible Cause: Internet Connection Issue

Disconnection of Internet connection can cause restore hang because the plugin can no longer receives updates coming from the server. Even intermittent disruption of connection might cause this issue because a browser hang-up and it needs to be refreshed.

Connection issues are beyond what the plugin can control and its best to check the stability and reliability of your Internet connection before doing a restore.

Below are the recommendations in combating upload speed issue:

  • If you are using free version of Prime Mover, it is recommended to test your upload speed first. Since version 1.0.3 + , we added checks on upload speed and adjust chunk slices automatically.
  • If you have a PRO version of Prime Mover, its even gets easier. Browser upload is always slow compared to SSH / SFTP large file uploads, so don’t use browser upload. The strategy is to “manually” upload first the package to your WordPress root using your favorite SFTP client. Once uploaded, restore the package using Prime Mover remote URL functionality. In this feature, you will simply provide the URL to the zip package and Prime Mover will unzip and restore it for you.
  • If you are sure the connection is stable now, please clear browser cache and repeat the process. It should not hang anymore.

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Uncleared plugin caching issues

Prime Mover by default, deactivates all plugins (except itself) when restoring a site. But it cannot itself cleared browser cache. The cached remains of recently deactivated plugins will still persist in your browser as you are restoring the site.

In most cases, this is harmless. But in some rare occasions, this can introduce conflict to the restoration process and the script would look like to become stuck on a specific progress indicator.

Refer to the recommended solution below for a more robust solution regarding this issue.

Recommended solution

If you encounter the hang / freezing during restoration problem and you are sure you don’t have connection issues. Try the following steps :

  • Install WordPress Reset Plugin.
  • Activate WordPress Reset plugin and reset your site.
  • WARNING: This procedure clears your current site database, make sure you have a manual backup ready if you think that database is still useful to you.
  • This will clear your existing site database in preparation for the new site restoration.
  • Clear your browser cache and logged-out
  • Login again and activate Prime Mover plugin.
  • Proceed to restoring the site.

If you are still having issues restoring the site even after following the recommended solution, please let us know and open a bug ticket. Thank you.

Explanation of the solution

Prime Mover can support importing a package even with an actively running site. But the best practice should be done with a freshly installed site. If you have an existing site, make sure you reset the site database first before restoring a site.

This effectively resets the site to default state and there should be no more conflicting plugins / themes/ third party code which can disrupt the restoration process.

You can use plugin like WordPress Reset to bring your back to default state. As a warning earlier, take note that this deletes your current site database. Make sure you have a backup of your current site if its still valuable to you.

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