We are happy to announce the release of Prime Mover 1.0.3. This is primarily a bug fixing release that addresses several issues we found during continual testing and from user reports.

Change log

The complete change log are as follows:

  • Fixed: Deactivation error handling not properly executed in non-compliant environments.
  • Fixed: Unable to restore site created by Pro version to Free version and vice versa.
  • Fixed: Fatal error on WP_FileSystem not being set.
  • Fixed: Freemius data removed after export / import.
  • Fixed: Unable to stream error log.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with Really Simple SSL plugin after restoring to site without SSL.
  • Fixed; Unable to completely restore / import due to SSL differences between source and target site.
  • Fixed: Some functions not compliant with PHP Fig-PSR standards.
  • Fixed: User cannot disable maintenance mode if stucked.
  • Fixed: Cannot log debug data when not using Freemius-generated plugin versions.
  • Fixed: No progress indicator shown on export AJAX, conflict with sessions.
  • Fixed: Redundant FAQ on plugin readme, duplicated with developer site.
  • Fixed: Erratic upload progress behavior on slower connections.
  • Fixed: Errors when non-standard plugin slug is used.
  • Fixed: PHP notices when renaming table prefixes.
  • Fixed: Interim login screen disrupts long site restoration.
  • Fixed: JS errors on response stalling the restoration progress.
  • Fixed: Random fatal run time errors when uploading package.
  • Fixed: Uploading hang-up when upload max size is not matching up with upload speed and browser.
  • Fixed: Cannot restore package due to media decryption error.

Release Notes

The release is backward compatible to older Prime Mover versions and if you create package in version 1.0.2, it will continue to work with version 1.0.3

Some of the changes in version 1.0.3 are inside the plugin JavaScript / CSS files, so its recommended to purge your CDN or clear your browser cache right after updating to version 1.0.3 (before you start using or testing it.)

Noticeable changes

While this is simply a bug fixing release, there are quite a few noticeable changes with older versions:

  • We added upload time indicator for the uploader as a fix for freezed uploads. The way it works is that it will analyze the user upload speed and use that to compute the chunk size and how long does it take for Prime Mover to upload the package.
  • The chunk size of uploads is also now variable and does not only depend on upload_max_filesize. But this now depends on upload speed and upload_max_filesize. For best upload experience, it requires fast upload connection and large upload_max_filesize (ideally more than 16MB).
  • We add note to users to not navigate away while the export is ongoing because doing so might affect the export process.

Testing and bug reporting

This entire release has been assured by more than 350 critical unit test items as well as actual testing. If you suspect something is not working , please make sure you are using latest version 1.0.3 and read the release notes above.

Please let us know of any issues found by creating ticket in for free users and sending us an email for premium users. Please make sure you have steps on how to see this issue, so we can help you better and faster.

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