Great news, Prime Mover version 1.0.8 is released. The following are the release change logs:

  • Fixed: Improvements in exporting and importing sites that support PHP exec functions.
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 5.4.
  • Updated Freemius Library to latest version.

Improvements in PHP shell exec support

PHP CLI support is added in version 1.0.7. Further testing reveals that some host may prematurely terminate long shell running processes at specific time interval. For example, we tested this to be around 10 minutes at some web host. Ideally shell running runs indefinitely but this is not true for shared hosting as they limit resources like the execution time of shell processes.

The improvement added in version 1.0.8 will allow automatic restart of CLI processes. The default configuration is to restart it every 7.5 minutes (so its less than 10 minutes we tested). Once 7.5 minutes is reached for a CLI process (for example, zipping directory or copying big files), it will save its state and automatically restart the process without any user intervention.

If your server supports PHP exec functions and you get ERROR: Shell process terminated error without any other specific runtime errors. Try lowering down the default restart time below 7.5 minutes and try again.

You can tweak this using this constant added in your wp-config.php:


For example above, lowers the CLI timeout to 180 seconds, so it will restart CLI process every 180 seconds (3 minutes) instead of 7.5 minutes. You can contact your web host so you will be guided as to the correct seconds to configure.

WordPress 5.4 support

Version 1.0.8 is fully tested to work with WordPress 5.4 for both multisite and single site configuration. This is also reviewed with different PHP versions + WordPress 5.4. PHP versions tested includes from latest version 7.4 down to 5.6.

Updated Freemius Library to latest version

The latest Freemius SDK version 2.3.2 is also added with version 1.0.8. As a licensed user of the plugin, you will get many benefits. The list is too long to mention here, please read the official release notes on Freemius website.

Report bugs and suggestions to us !

Version 1.0.8 is our most tested version yet, it now includes 1100 + automated unit tests which we use as part of our normal development flow + functional tests.

The release is carefully reviewed to make sure its bug free and stable. Just in case something slips, we are happy to confirm that bug and fixed as soon as possible. Please report to us here.

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