Great news! Prime Mover 1.0.9 is released. This is a minor/maintenance release that includes some important bug fixes.


  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with AWS Lightsail servers.
  • Fixed: Cannot create multisite package of sites without plugins.
  • Fixed: Incorrect message errors on wp-config.php writability.

Found a bug? Please report in our contact page.

What’s next ?

We are currently working on Prime Mover 1.1.0 which is mostly a feature release. This includes user – import -export. If you have noticed, previous versions of Prime Mover does not export or import users of migrated/ backup sites.

This is no longer the case with Prime Mover 1.1.0 as we are going to include users in the export and import by default just like any other migration plugins you know.

This is added to both free and pro versions of Prime Mover.

This is also designed to be backward compatible with old backups and we are going to add constants to disable this feature (for those sites who don’t want users to be exported).

Currently this development is on alpha stage. We are planning to release a beta version sometime next week.

And then have the production version scheduled to be released as early as last week of April 2020 or first week of May 2020 if there are no major issues found. Stay tuned !

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