Today we released a new minor update: Prime Mover version 1.1.9. This is part of our two-weeks maintenance release cycle.

Change log

  • Fixed: Moved all multisite-level options to network site meta table.
  • Fixed: Updated Youtube introduction video to Prime Mover.

Important Changes

The original versions of Prime Mover in multisite saves some of the network level options on the main site options table. This is not the correct thing to do as this is supposed to be stored in multisite sitemeta table.

This is now fixed with version 1.1.9. This change is also a requisite of the PRO feature scheduled for version 1.2.0 – main site export/import support.

With main site export/import support, any Prime Mover PRO network administrator can now do backups and even migrate the main site into and outside of the multi-site network.


Take note that this minor change should not affect existing single-site and multi-site installations using Prime Mover. There is nothing to do manually as everything is done automatically after you upgrade to version 1.1.9.

If you have issues with this version, please contact us here.

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