Today we are happy to announce the release of Prime Mover 1.1.8. This includes updated bug fixes. We aim to release one maintenance updates every two weeks so here it is:


= 1.1.8 =

  • Fixed: Delete outdated migration logs.
  • Fixed: Deleted package in temp directory in some limited hosting configurations during restore.
  • Fixed: Performance issues on prime_mover_after_user_meta_import hook.

What does this mean for you?

It does not touch any features. No new changes whatsoever. As this is only a maintenance/bug-fix release.

All free and premium features should continue to work as usual.

Can you explain the bug fixes done?

In this release, though minor fixes it will surely have a big impact on overall performance. For example:

  • Fixed: Delete outdated migration logs.

Explanation: In older releases, the migration logs are not deleted, it can only be deleted in premium versions using the delete logs feature. In free versions, there is no way to delete it. It can only be deleted manually!

Not with Prime Mover 1.1.8, we fix this by adding a deletion control via WP-Cron. It will check for older logs every twice a week and delete it. This will affect only log files and not other files. It will only affect older logs (new log are not deleted right away). There is no need for any user intervention.

Once deleted, not only the Prime Mover export directory are clean, but you will save disk space as well from these logs!

  • Fixed: Deleted package in temp directory in some limited hosting configurations during restore.

Explanation: We recently found out that some shared web hosting companies (not all of them though) limits the file size you can put to the shared /tmp/ directory. Since Prime Mover Pro downloads packages to the /tmp/ directory by default, it is now impossible to proceed with the restore. Obviously, because the moment the package size exceeds hosting limit, it is auto-deleted.

The way we fix this is simple, Prime Mover downloads the package directly to the WordPress uploads directory (instead of shared /tmp ) where the only limitation is the user disk space limit. This is usually large and should work for most configurations.

  • Fixed: Performance issues on prime_mover_after_user_meta_import hook.

Explanation: This bug will only affect WordPress sites with mega-sized user meta tables. (user meta tables with very large number of database rows). You will run into an Import user timeout error. Now with Prime Mover 1.1.8, a control system is added to handle this.

Kaizen spirit!

We are always in pursuit of change for the better even when it’s hard! Please help us in reporting bugs and any other issues. Don’t worry we also run the test on our own, so in the long run. This plugin will become even better. The plugin automated testing also improves (now at ~1540). This will allow us to easily release software updates.

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