Today we released Prime Mover 1.2.1 which is an important bug-fix release. This is also part of our two-weeks maintenance update cycle.

Change log

= 1.2.1 =

  • Fixed: Runtime fatal errors during restore caused by corrupted files inside WPRIME package.
  • Fixed: Search and replace URL issues in legacy multisites.
  • Fixed: Refreshed Elementor cache when migrating sites that uses Elementor plugin.

Details of the changes

WPRIME package is based on UNIX tar archive. The default library throws exceptions when it founds corrupted headers. This exception causes the runtime error during restore.

Interestingly, this single corrupted file can just be skipped while it continues the rest of the package extraction process. Since this is will not affect the entire package but only the corrupted file. This is how this is fixed in this version.

For second change, legacy multisites are still used today. The fix added is better adjustment for HTTPS mixed content handling from legacy multi-sites (during search replace process).

For the third change, Elementor is one of the most widely used website builder plugin. One issue after migration is that it uses CSS files that hardcode file paths (which is saved in the uploads folder). These CSS files are not included in the search and replace process since these are not found in the database.

The result are broken images and media files after migration. This is fixed by refreshing the Elementor cache after migration. This now works automatically if you are using Elementor plugin in your site.

Before this version, you need to login to WordPress admin and go to Elementor – > Tools -> Regenerate Files.

Provide Feedback

Your feedback is utmost importance. It can be bug, usability issues or any annoying things you’ve found while using this plugin We are committed in fixing these things for you so this plugin can become better and better each day 🙂

Please send us your feedback and comments . Thanks!

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