Prime Mover 1.2.2 is now released. This includes one of the most requested features – multisite main site support. This is only available for PRO version users.

The following is the change log.

Change log

= 1.2.2 =

  • Fixed: Outdated Freemius SDK Library.
  • Fixed: Performance issues on plugin activation for some servers.
  • Fixed: Support for main site export and import.

Change details

One of the important changes added is the upgrade of outdated Freemius SDK library. It now uses version 2.4.1. The outdated version is not very safe to use, if you are using outdated version of Prime Mover, it is highly recommended to upgrade to Prime Mover 1.2.2 immediately.

One of the bug fix added is the slowness during plugin activation, this is only reproducible in some servers.

Finally the biggest change being added is the multisite main site support. To show how this works, please read this detailed tutorial.

Suggestions? Problems?

Just in case you run into issues with Prime Mover 1.2.2, please let us know immediately. And then please add details of the issue and if possible steps to reproduce it.

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