Today, Prime Mover 1.2.7 is released! This is part of our short cycle two-weeks maintenance release. Though a simple release, it’s packed with very important changes. Keep reading below 🙂

Change log

= 1.2.7 =

  • Fixed: Incorrect progress tracker values changing during restoration.
  • Fixed: Unable to activate plugin properly when wp-config.php is read-only.
  • Fixed: Corrupted settings when security keys are changed.

Detailed changes

IP address is removed from progress tracker

Progress tracker used for export and restore identifies user in terms of user agent, IP address , user ID and mode of use (either export or import). These are all hashed together for security reasons. However, user IP could change over time due to proxy use, disconnection or some network rules. When this IP changes, progress tracker identifier is broken thus this results to process being stalled. In addition, removing IP address also promotes better privacy, so this is now removed in version 1.2.7.

Fixed: Unable to activate plugin properly when wp-config.php is read-only.

This is the most important change for this version. Before version 1.2.7, if your host restricts plugin write access to WordPress wp-config.php, Prime Mover can never be activated in any circumstances. It can only be activated when Prime Mover has write access to the wp-config.php. Unfortunately, some hosting never allow their users to give write access to config file. Thus, in this situation – Prime Mover cannot be used.

Not anymore with version 1.2.7, Prime Mover can now be activated in hosting that restricts write access to the config file. This is how it is being handled:

  • User activates Prime Mover in host that restricts write access to wp-config.php
  • Prime Mover deactivates automatically because it does not have write access or some essential constants are missing. At this point, if user has server access to wp-config.php to give write permissions (e.g. in VPS or dedicated hosting), user can do so and re-activate Prime Mover without any issues. However, if this is not possible (e.g. in shared host or restrictive hosts) -> the succeeding steps are necessary.
  • Prime Mover returns required constants that needs to be added manually to wp-config.php. This depends on the host. Some hosting companies has its own custom panel for adding new constants to wp-config.php. This can be found in their own hosting panel/ cPanel. You need to consult your host support or check their documentation on how to manually add these required constants.
  • User adds these constants and reactivate Prime Mover.
  • If Prime Mover is reactivated, it should now be successfully activated. It should work regardless if you are using free or PRO version.

There is a detailed documentation how this is handled inside Prime Mover plugin.

Fixed: Corrupted settings when security keys are changed.

This is only applicable to PRO versions. Before version 1.2.7, if user manually adds or edits encryption key to wp-config.php, encrypted settings that is used by the plugin is broken. This is no longer the case with version 1.2.7. Aside from user changing these keys inside Prime Mover settings, user can now safely change this inside wp-config.php directly.

Although we recommend to use the Prime Mover security settings in the WordPress back-end for doing this change if possible.

Any suggestions? Or found a bug?

Please get in touch with us if you found a bug or have something to suggest to improve the plugin. Thank you for your feedback!

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