Prime Mover 1.2.8 is now released in plugin repository (FREE version) and in Freemius release channels (for PRO versions). This release is part of the 2-weeks maintenance release cycle.

Change log

= 1.2.8 =

  • Fixed: Different search and replace issues associated with page builders data.
  • Fixed: Chunk upload performance issues caused by dirsize_cache.
  • Fixed: Unnormalized paths in footprint configuration.
  • Fixed: Outdated Freemius SDK library.
  • Fixed: Activation errors due to outdated PHP versions.

Improved automated search replace

Previous releases of Prime Mover has bugs when it comes to search and replace. This is noticeable when a site uses page builders. It is because the URLs and paths for these page builder data is stored in json format in database and escaped. Original search and replace commands does not work.

As a result even though the images are imported correctly to uploads directory, the URLs and paths in the database are not properly replaced and some images are missing after migration. The old workaround is to finish these issues with a manual search and replace using a third party plugin like Better Search Replace.

With version 1.2.8, this is no longer necessary. All possible issues and problem combinations are studied during the testing and fixing phase. Prime Mover native search and replace should be able to handle these automatically for you. After migration, the images URL’s and paths should point to the latest site.

There might be edge case that we still don’t caught yet. Please make sure you are using Prime Mover 1.2.8+ for both creating the package and restoring that package. If after restoration, there are still missing images even using this version, please contact us so we can debug that case. For faster resolution, we need to access to your WordPress site or at least your Prime Mover package.

Bug fix on slow uploads

This is particularly affecting Windows servers as this is where we reproduced it. Other WordPress users also notices this problem. The cause of this issue is when uploading a media in a site that contains massive cache of dirsize_cache data. While it’s processing upload, this cache is looped. When it’s a massive array, upload performance is drastically affected. This is not required for Prime Mover uploading since the plugin uploads by chunks as supposed to uploading the entire file. A file check is not needed in this case since it’s a part file (chunk). So this filter is removed only when uploading chunks. This fix does not affect anything else or interfere with normal WordPress upload operations (e.g. the one you are doing in media library, etc.)

Freemius SDK 2.4.2

Prime Mover 1.2.8 includes the latest Freemius SDK version 2.4.2. This more stable, more user friendly, more intuitive to use when buying, purchasing and managing your Prime Mover licenses. For details, please read this release notes by Freemius.

This SDK update should not anything else regarding Prime Mover functionality. If you notice something is broken and you believe this is caused by this SDK Update, please let us know.

Plugin activation errors for outdated PHP versions ( < 5.6)

Prime Mover cannot be used for older PHP versions (should be at least PHP 5.6 to activate). If you activate this on servers using very old PHP versions (e.g. PHP 5.3). Prime Mover should automatically deactivate and a user friendly error is shown prompting the user to upgrade PHP version first to least 5.6.

However this automatic functionality is temporarily broken in previous release because of the accidental use of brackets for arrays. Brackets for arrays is not allowed in PHP 5.3, thus it returns fatal errors instead of clean error handling.

This is now fixed and handled gracefully in Prime Mover 1.2.8. For security reasons, please use updated and modern PHP versions (e.g. PHP 7.0+).

Report issues and bugs

We always thanks our users for continually reporting issues(through bug reports, Facebook page, contact page and all support channels).

This is always the best opportunity for us to improve. Prime Mover 1.2.8 is the best release so far because it’s the latest ­čśë It’s covered by almost 1800 automated tests. It may still not be perfect but we are always aiming into it. If you still see imperfections, issues, annoying bugs, please let us know.

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