Today Prime Mover 1.3.6 is released! This is a bug fix release 🙂

Change log

= 1.3.6 =

  • Fixed: Exception errors when disk is full on export or import.
  • Fixed: Undeleted artifact package on runtime export error to free up disk space.
  • Fixed: Errors due to Dropbox API library conflicts with other plugins.

The important changes – disk full handling

In old version of Prime Mover, the export and import process will freeze without any useful errors in cases where the disk is full.

This is because when the disk is full (common among shared hosting as disk space can be limited), PHP no longer can write useful logs and do other shutdown related tasks that Prime Mover relies. This can be a tricky problem to spot since the errors are not very specific and user is unaware that the disk is full while doing backup or restoration.

All of these issues are now handled properly with this release. This is how Prime Mover handles this:

  • User tries to create a package or restore a package.
  • User host disk space became full or hits its quota.
  • Prime Mover detects this event from the last error logged at the time disk is full.
  • Prime Mover deletes all temporary files to free up space.
  • Prime Mover completes all error logs.
  • User is then notified disk is full.

At this point, user will know what to do next. Usually this is permanently resolved by upgrading the current hosting plan to a higher disk capacity. Or if this is not possible, user needs to delete a lot of files just to complete the backup or restoration process.

Dropbox API – scoped namespace

Prime Mover has custom implementation of the standard Dropbox PHP library. This includes timeout handling, retries, etc. To make sure this prevents conflict with the standard Dropbox PHP library (that other plugins are using). Namespace is scoped to ensure that the the library is isolated from other plugins Dropbox library.

Contact us for suggestions, etc.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions with the plugin. If you see new issues popping up, we are also very happy to hear.

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