Change log

  • Fixed: Export and import failed errors due to corrupted usermeta table.
  • Fixed: PHP Notice: Undefined index: prime-mover in class-freemius.php
  • Fixed: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to Freemius::get_api_user_scope_by_user() must be an instance of FS_User.
  • Fixed: License activation hang and fatal error.
  • Fixed: Corrupted Freemius data when site is deleted.
  • Fixed: Compatibility with WordPress 5.8.

Release highlights

The newest release Prime Mover 1.3.7 is tested for WordPress 5.8 compatibility that is scheduled to be released on July 20, 2021. In addition, there were several bugs fixed in this release that is of high importance.

One important bugs fixed is the corrupted usermeta table. The umeta_id column field auto-increment is gone for some corrupted setups. This is not normal because by WordPress design, this field should have auto-increment enabled. Without auto-increment, Prime Mover could not work properly and will return “Export failed” or “Import failed” which are generic errors.

This is now fixed with Prime Mover 1.3.7. It automatically detects this issue and auto-fixed it for the client. Once fixed, there should be no more issues. relating to this problem. If ever Prime Mover could not fixed it, it returns a detailed runtime error for site administrators to manually fixed it on their end.

More stable Freemius Integration

Prime Mover uses Freemius to handle PRO licenses and customer support integration. However the integration is affected by a lot of issues due to the nature of the plugin implementation (migration and backup application). The Freemius data is easily corrupted by this application. The end result is poor PRO user experience. Prime Mover 1.3.7 fixed a lot of these integration issues. So the transition from FREE to PRO is as seamless and hassle-free as ever!

However, although we are confident that we have covered most of the problematic cases automatically. It is not entirely solved. There can still be very rare issues due to licensing and PRO plugin activation (including Freemius related fatal errors) – the last resort is to use the Freemius Fixer that is to be run manually by the user.

What is next?

We have important tasks and changes coming for Prime Mover plugin. One important changes to be tested for feasibility is the exclusion of third party plugin code during export runtime. Exclusion means that when a user initiates export – Prime Mover relies on WordPress AJAX for this execution however we don’t want third party plugin code interfering with this process. The reason is pure compatibility. Third party plugin code can cause incompatibility issues during export that can either corrupts export or prevents the user from doing export.

Currently, the only solution is to deactivate conflicting third party plugin but this is not a permanent solution for long term and for all third party plugins. The surest way to solve this issue for all possible plugins to prevent third part code from being loaded while the export process is ongoing. We are going to do some testing for feasibility that this process is hassle-free and will work for all possible server and hosting environments.

Other important benefits of this change (aside from compatibility) is better performance. It is because only Prime Mover code is running during export process – it will result to low memory and CPU usage in the site while the backup process is running.

This is one of the important tasks to be tackled on for the future releases (starting with Prime Mover 1.3.8+).

Suggestions? Report bugs?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions to make regarding Prime Mover or has bugs to report. Thank you! 🙂

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