= 1.4.2 =

  • Fixed: Export file lists gets deleted by hosts.
  • Fixed: Complete uninstallation procedures.
  • Fixed: Missing required ctype PHP extension dependency.
  • Fixed: Search and replace issue with binary data.
  • Usability: Added link to activate PRO version on account page.

Better hosting compatibility

Prime Mover 1.4.2 improves compatibility to a wide variety of hosting that were not supported before. For example, some host deleted file lists created by WordPress wp_tempnam function for security reasons. Once the file list is deleted, Prime Mover won’t be able to continue exporting files since it relies on this lists.

The fix added was to use the Prime Mover lock directory (that is found within the WordPress uploads directory) for storing temp files. This works universally since this directory is always writable and not subject to strict hosting security measures. (unlike the usual /tmp/ directory).

Complete uninstall procedures

One of the highlights of Prime Mover 1.4.2 is a perfectly clean uninstall. This means that when you activate Prime Mover and then uninstall it (without creating any backups , etc.) – the uninstall script will auto-clean the uploads directory of all Prime Mover folders and files. This will also clean up the options table in database of any auxiliary options.

For details on how this is done, please look at this relevant documentation.

Bug Fix: Search replace issue with binary data

There is a bug found in previous versions regarding binary data. The search and replace won’t work (get stuck) when it attempts to retry a search and replace timeout. This is now fixed with Prime Mover 1.4.2.

Bug Fix: Missing required ctype PHP extension dependency

ctype PHP extension is used to be installed by default. However in PHP 7.4 particularly in some hosting companies – this PHP extension is not installed by default but needs to be activated manually (via PHP configuration). Prime Mover adds a dependency check to make sure that the user is aware that this extension is missing when using the plugin.

Suggestions? Bugs?

Please contact us if you have some suggestions or found a new bug with this version. Thanks!

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