Change log

= 1.4.8 =

  • Fixed: GuzzleHttp Library conflicts.
  • Fixed: Google API Client Library conflicts.
  • Fixed: Undefined response variable on Google Drive downloader.
  • Fixed: Call to undefied method when Gdrive token expires.
  • Fixed: Expired Gdrive access token disrupts API processes.
  • Fixed: Gdrive API token gets corrupted when changing encryption keys.
  • Fixed: Disconnected WooCommerce orders due to updated users ID.
  • Fixed: Uncaught errors during extraction when filename is too long to copy.

Resolved all third party plugin library conflicts

Prime Mover 1.4.8 finally scopes the Google PHP API Library dependency. The scoping method used is Now this library runs under Codexonics namespace thus preventing all possibility of WordPress plugin conflicts.

One of the problematic library is GuzzleHttp which is used by Google API Library. Some plugin didn’t scoped this library and even using outdated API versions as a result – this introduces conflicts since the autoloader will load a mix of old and new versions and then creating errors in the site.

with the release of Prime Mover 1.4.8 – all library used is now scoped.

Resolved all Google drive integration issues

Some of the bugs resolved includes token expiration issues and token handling. In older versions – auto renewal of expired tokens is not supported. By default – token life for Google API is only one hour. This creates issues when uploading and restoring from Google Drive and then the token suddenly expires in this process (because it exceeds the default one hour limit). To get the most out of this update – please refer to this documentation.

Improved WooCommerce sites compatibility

This update includes major bug fixes relating to WooCommerce sites. Below are some critical issues being fixed:

  • Reconnecting WooCommerce orders with the customer user ID after restore.
  • Adjusting user IDs after restore inside these wc db tables – download log, customer lookup table and download permissions table.

This is an ongoing improvement. WC sites are quite complex and continual testing will be done to ensure full compatibility after restore. If issues are still found – fixes will be added in the future releases.

WPRIME extractor improvement

In older versions – if WPRIME extractor finds a file with very long file names (the one that exceeds tar standards) – it will return fatal runtime error. This is not user friendly because actually this very long file names are rare and does not occur in all WordPress sites!

Prime Mover 1.4.8+ checks if errors like this occurs. If it occurs – it will log this file so user will know the problematic files being extracted (if needed). The extraction process will resume even after errors like this occurred. Although the problem files are not copied – user knows these files. This is a more user friendly approach since trivial errors should not be a reason to abort the entire restore process.

Found issues? Contact us

If there is something that annoys you when using Prime Mover plugin – please let us know so it can be fixed. We will review your report and then we will add fixes in the future release. Or we can provide you with beta copy for testing.

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