This release covers important maintenance update to fix critical bugs found during testing and reported by users. Please update to this version as soon as possible if you are using the plugin.

Change log

  • Fixed: Unable to use binary data type as primary index during MySQLDump.
  • Fixed: Disconnected user ids during WooCommerce site migration.

Fixed: MySQL dump issues on table with binary primary index

This is primarily an issue when exporting big database tables that contains binary as primary index. Example of this tables are from security plugins like WordFence – where they are using binary data type as primary index.

When Prime Mover attempts to retry dump – it saves it’s last processing state by getting primary index , storing it and then retrying the dump using that index. The issue is that if the primary index is binary – it could not anymore resume the dump. As a result – the dumping process looks stucked.

This is fixed by base64 encoding the last binary primary index value and then base 64 decoding it when it will be used again for retrying.

WooCommerce plugin has several custom database tables with user_id columns on it. These user id needs to use the migrated user ID so the WC user related functionality before and after migration is correct. This fix already began with Prime Mover 1.4.8 (with user ID adjustment on customer orders) and then it was finalized in this release.

In this release – there should be no more issues that is user related after WC site migration. Example of issues that were fixed includes disconnected WC API keys to correct user as well as web hooks and payment tokens.

Suggestions? Get in touch with us

If you found an issue with the plugin – please get in touch with us. It would be best to be as detailed as possible so we will understand the issue better and faster. This way we could help you better also. Migration issues are very complex in nature so it is best to be detailed. Thanks!

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