Change log

= 1.6.6 =

  • Fixed: Double search replacement caused by relative content URL scheme.
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with WPCS.IO environment.
  • Fixed: PHP 8.0 runtime error on sprintf search-replace call.
  • Fixed: MySQL errors when dropping tables during restore.
  • Fixed: Non-existing sites error when loading sites in multisite package manager.

WPCS.IO environment compatibility is a WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform. In this platform – the wp-content directory, path to uploads and other stuff is customized to fit client needs. If you have migrated a site to the environment – images and other links to resources/assets might be broken.

This is now fixed with latest version Prime Mover 1.6.6.

Removed obsolete search replaceable

The relative wp-content URL replaceable is now obsolete and removed. This change should not have an effect on your existing backup and migration. Removing this obsolete replaceable also contributes to faster migration performance.

Fixed PHP 8.0 runtime error on sprintf() call

In PHP 8.0 – sprintf() function no longer returns false on failure. This creates issues when importing/restoring site with PHP 8.0. In fact most of the tickets received is related to this function error when migrating sites on PHP 8.0

If there is a malformed data feed to this function – it will now create fatal error on PHP 8.0. The fixed added is to escape all specifier data that should be feed to this function. This is to completely avoid malformed data issues.

Before – the only workaround is to downgrade temporarily to PHP 7.4 and do the restore and then switch back to PHP 8.0. This is no longer necessary if you use Prime Mover 1.6.6+.

Fixed PHP notice on package manager

There is a PHP notice generated when loading non-existing sites on a WordPress multisite. Usually this error only comes out when using PRO version. This is now completely fixed in Prime Mover 1.6.6.

Comment on the release

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