Prime Mover 1.8.4 is released as part of the monthly / 2-weeks maintenance update cycle.

Change log

= 1.8.4 =

  • Fixed: Missing calls to restore_current_blog() on multisite.
  • Fixed: Yoast SEO fields not saved when Prime Mover is activated.
  • Fixed: Runtime error on user import.

[Fixed] – saving post meta fields

There is an issue of unable to save post meta fields on multisite subsite. This is now fixed with this version. This will not affect single-site installations.

The cause of this issue is missing restore_current_blog calls. The entire code is reviewed to ensure that all calls with switch_to_blog needs to have corresponding correct restore_current_blog version.

[Fixed] – runtime error on user import

There is also a reported issue on runtime error at user import stage. The cause of the issue is that wp_update_user or wp_insert_user calls can return WP_ERROR on invalid inputs.

However during import process – these values are logged as string causing the runtime error:

Uncaught Error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string

These are now checked and handled inside the import process so this type of error won’t anymore return runtime errors. In addition – it added possibility to logged these WP_ERROR and other user data during import by adding this constant in wp-config.php to enable user import logging:


Take note that user data logging during import (including it’s errors as caused by WP_ERROR) – is not logged by default because of GDPR policies. If you need to log user data and output those user import error details – you need to enable it first via wp-config.php.

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