Prime Mover 1.8.5 is released today as part of the two weeks maintenance release cycle.

Change log

  • Fixed: Missing anchor on restore guide tutorial.
  • Fixed: Cleanup links on account page.
  • Fixed: Creation of dynamic property SplFixedArray notice in PHP 8.2.
  • Fixed: Added backward compatibility for missing mysqli_stmt_get_result() function in some hosts.
  • Fixed: Updated Freemius SDK to version 2.5.7.

Important notes

  • If you are using previous versions and it got deactivated automatically (or cannot be activated because of missing mysqli_stmt_get_result() in your host) – then please update to this version because it includes backward compatibility.
  • If you are using PHP 8.2 – then the latest version is the most compatible version and you should update to this version to avoid errors and notices.
  • As usual – this is a maintenance release and no new features added. You should expect this version to work as it was in older versions.

Concerns? Inquiries

Let us know by contacting tech support.

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