Change log

  • Fixed: Conflict loading of jQuery UI style on menus.
  • Fixed: WIP (Work in progress) package appears corrupted in package manager.
  • Fixed: Conflict loading of theme patterns directory during export / restore process.

Bug fix – conflict with patterns directory

Pattern directory which is a feature added in WordPress 6.0+ is loaded on init hook. This creates issues with export / restore where the theme is using custom constants or functions. It is because they are not loaded on these processes.

This results to runtime error and the export or restore will be stalled. This is now fixed in this release.

Bug fix – conflict with jQuery UI style

Some plugins loaded jQuery UI style assets in ALL pages! This creates conflict with dialog display and styling inside Prime Mover settings page / export and migration tools page. The problematic asset is dequeued ONLY on Prime Mover pages.

Usability fix – WIP package appears corrupted

When an export is started – the artifacts appear in package manager when another administrator access the package manager. These artifacts (because they are still on the process of being created) appears corrupted. This creates usability issues because actually this is not corrupted but a work in progress. This is now handled correctly in this version.

Report bugs and issues

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