Prime Mover 1.8.9 is now available in plugin repository (free version) and Freemius (PRO / Premium version). This release packs important updates and bug fixes.

Change log

  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with new WooCommerce High Performance Orders (HPOS) storage.
  • Compatibility: Tested for compatibility with WordPress 6.3.
  • Usability: Append blog ID to custom generated package file names for blog identification.
  • Fixed: Fatal error on PHP 8+ due to invalid meta key on user import.

WordPress 6.3 compatibility

The new version 1.8.9 is fully tested for the coming WordPress 6.3 major release. There are no issues found during testing and this is also backward compatible with supported old WordPress versions.

The latest version tested is the WordPress 6.3 release candidate 2.0. WordPress 6.3 will be released hopefully in August 8, 2023.

WooCommerce HPOS support

Prime Mover 1.8.9 includes support for the new WooCommerce feature HPOS (High performance order storage). You can read the details of this feature here. This is not yet fully rolled-out by WooCommerce and only available as a beta feature for now. It will be fully released soon and enabled by default in all WooCommerce online stores.

The goal for this feature is to speed-up WooCommerce stores by migrating customer orders to a custom database table. Prime Mover now migrates all data correctly in these tables with Prime Mover 1.8.9+.

Not all stores are using this feature as there are still a lot of plugins that are not yet compatible with this feature. But if you plan on migrating a WooCommerce site using Prime Mover – make sure you do it with version 1.8.9+ (to be fully HPOS compatible).

Old WooCommerce stores will continue to work as it is just like the old versions so this fix is also backward compatible.

More user-friendly package file names

This is a customer suggested minor feature to append blog IDs to custom package file names. For example in older versions (like when uploading package to Dropbox) – generated file names will look like this:


This looks fine however – there is no identification as to what subsite this belongs (if this is a multisite backup). Using Prime Mover 1.8.9 – the generated file name is more user friendly , so for the above example it will now look like this:


This is looks better because user now knows this package can only be restored to blog ID 5 (if it’s a multisite package). If its a single site package – it will default to 1.

Other minor bug fixes

Prime Mover 1.8.9 added minor validation to meta keys used in user meta import. To make sure this is valid as it will returned fatal runtime errors in PHP 8.0+ such as:

Uncaught TypeError: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in /home/usertest/public_html/wp-includes/meta.php:657

Previously – the only workaround is to downgrade to PHP 7.4 to complete the restoration.

Next major release plans

The next major release version – Prime Mover 1.9.0 will be focused on adding a new PRO feature – automatic backups / scheduled backups . If something big comes up before this feature – it will be pushed to Prime Mover 2.0.

Questions? Suggestions?

Please send us your thoughts and comments in the contact page. Thank you!

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