Prime Mover 1.8.8 is now available in plugins repository and Freemius repository (for PRO versions). This is a quick maintenance bug fix update.

Change log

= 1.8.8 =

  • Fixed: No packages found in package manager when site does not have title.
  • Fixed: Freemius SDK update to 2.5.10.

Release Highlights

  • Latest version of Freemius library is updated (2.5.10).
  • Bug fix on packages not appearing because the site does not have a title (which is set in Settings -> General -> Site Title).

What’s next?

  • The development team is working on the scheduled / automatic backup PRO feature. This is one of the suggested client features. This feature is designed to work for both multisite and single-site.
  • Prime Mover will be tested with the coming WooCommerce feature “High Performance Order Storage” (HPOS) to ensure compatibility. This feature allows WooCommerce stores to run faster. Prime Mover will be tested to ensure the migration and backup data would still be intact when sites are enabled to use this feature. Backward compatibility will also considered because not all sites will be using feature.

Questions and Feedback

Let us know if you have any questions and feedback regarding this release and Prime Mover plugin! Thank you.

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