Scope: Prime Mover Pro


If you are using Prime Mover Pro and you are restoring site via remote URL; one requirement is a good Internet connection.

This error comes out when:

  • You have a very slow Internet connection.
  • The connection is not stable and timing out.


This is not something that can be fixed inside Prime Mover. All you need to find a good Internet connection so you can proceed with the migration.

In summary, the following suggestions should help in most cases:

  • Reboot your router.
  • Do a speed test of your connection.
  • If your connection is fine, clear the browser cache.
  • Repeat the migration procedure again.
  • Make sure the site where you are fetching the package is live, active and not behind any firewall that can block connections.
  • You should not be able to see this error again.

If symptoms persist, consult developer…

Just in case, the above suggestions does not help, please submit debug data to us so we can diagnose the issue.

Important: Before you will submit any data. Make sure enable the logging of HTTP API connections:

  • Login as administrator.
  • Go to Prime Mover -> Advanced.
  • Under Debugging Tools. Check “Enable troubleshooting log“.
  • Under Debugging Tools also, check Persist / HTTP API Log.

Then repeat the migration procedure to reproduce the problem. Once the problem is reproduced. Retrieved the logs and please sent it to us.

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