Reset license to fix errors

Unable to activate license is usually caused by corrupted Freemius licensing data. This fix applies to any errors that prevents you from successfully activating the license (after purchase, upgrades or anything). To fix this:

  1. Deactivate Prime Mover plugin. (network deactivate if multisite)
  2. Install and activate this Freemius Fixer plugin. (network activate if multisite)
  3. Click Clean up data and deactivate.
  4. You will be redirected to an empty page, but don’t worry the resetting is done at this point.
  5. Navigate back to your site using browser address bar.
  6. Activate Prime Mover plugin. (network activate if multisite)
  7. Activate your license in your selected sites, you should have no more problems at this point. If problems persist, please contact us.
  8. You can delete Freemius fixer if you don’t need it anymore.

How to fix license is already utilized errors?

License is already utilized errors occur when you try to activate license that is already used by other sites. For example:

To fix:

Known license activation issues

There are issues that affects license activation that relates to your server, ISP, site settings , caching, etc. For details, please read this guide from Freemius Inc.

Localhost limitations

If you want to activate the license on localhost/development/staging environment for free, make sure your site is running from a domain named “localhost”. Alternatively, you can run it from one of the following subdomains: “local.”, “dev.”, “test.”, “staging.”.

Contact technical support

If any of the issues persists after you have tried all suggestions, please contact us and provide your WordPress site username and password and we will try to check this issue directly in your site 🙂

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