• Prime Mover restore dialog says it takes a lot of time to upload a package.
  • Package is not too big.
  • Package is restored locally (but issue could occur also remotely).
  • Could be using Nginx server (but this issue also occur in Apache, etc.).

Quickest Solution

If you are really in a hurry to restore package in your local – please copy the WPRIME package to your Prime Mover export directory. Once you copied it – you can restore it immediately via WordPress admin -> Prime Mover – Packages.

Long Solution

If you really want to upload package, you need to tweak your PHP parameters to make sure it is optimal for uploading. Prime Mover plugin uses these parameters to determine the upload chunks. If your PHP upload parameters are small – chunks are small – thus the upload computed time is very slow.

This solution requires that you have access to your PHP ini configuration file. If you don’t know this – it might be worth checking with your web hosting company. Below are recommended values a start:

upload_max_filesize = 256M
post_max_size = 1024M
memory_limit = 256M

Restart your server and then your PHP upload parameters should now be adjusted. If you do a test upload, the upload time is faster and quicker than the original setting.

Important for Nginx servers

In Nginx, there is a special directive that limits uploads to 1 MB by default. This is used by WordPress and Prime Mover – thus in Nginx , the default upload with Prime Mover could be very slow!

To fix this , simply increase the Nginx upload directive – this requires you to have server access to your Nginx server. Check with your web host if they can adjust this setting for you. Make sure your server is restarted to make sure the server setting is updated.

Note on browser upload performance

Take note that Prime Mover can support uploads up to 2GB using browser. This is because of browser limitation that can vary around 2GB to 4GB with different browsers (including older browsers). Allowing browser uploads of this size can result to poor user experience, timeouts and other issues (e.g. connection issues).

You should upload the package manually using other methods (e.g. SFTP or your hosting cPanel) to Prime Mover export directory and restore it from there. This is the complete tutorial on how to do this.

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