Scope: Prime Mover Free / Pro version

IMPORTANT : If you are using Prime Mover Pro for the first-time , please read this get started guide first.

This tutorial applies for both Prime Mover Free and Pro Version. This teach you how to migrate your WordPress multisite sub-site installation to single-site installation. The target site installation could reside in a different server or your localhost.

Exporting a package

  • Install the latest version of Prime Mover plugin.
  • Login as network administrator and network activate.
  • Optionally opt-in to Freemius notifications.
  • Go to Network Sites.
  • Search the sub-site that you would like to export.
  • Select appropriate export options.
  • Make sure Export to single-site format is checked.
When you export to single -site, make sure this option is CHECKED
  • Click Export Now. Wait until the export process is completed. Do not close or refresh the window.

Restore package in single-site

  • In the target site, reset the WordPress database so it became like a fresh WordPress installation. You can use plugin like WordPress Reset to do this. Take note that this deletes the target site database, make a backup if this is still useful to you.
  • Optionally you can clear the uploads directory so it the old and new media files will not be mixed.
  • Activate latest version of Prime Mover plugin. This should be exactly same version as the one used in your multisite.
  • Optionally opt-in to Freemius notifications.
  • Go to Tools – Migration Tools.
  • Click Import button.
  • Browse to the exported package to upload it.
  • Prime Mover analyzes the package and needs confirmation from you to proceed.
  • Once the import started, there is no going back. You need to wait until this process is completed.
  • Optionally you need to re-save permalinks if needed to resolved 404 errors on some pages (if you see it).
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