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Thank you for using Prime Mover Pro. This version comes with so many useful features that you need to know and configure before using the plugin.

It is recommended to follow each of them in a step by step manner. You ONLY need to do this for the first time only. Once you have followed the getting started guide, you don’t need to go over this step again. And you will go directly to exporting / restoring your sites.

If you are first time user, it is highly recommended to read the entire documentation for your added knowledge / learning.

Enable Encryption Support (Optional)

Encryption support is added in Pro version. By default, its not enabled so the plugin behaves like a free version (does not support encryption).

Follow this tutorial to enable encryption support.

Enabling encryption support is simply adding one line to your wp-config.php. The rest of the content explains everything how encryption support works in Prime Mover. It is highly recommended to read it also.

If you have several sites, make sure to enable encryption support to all of them. This is done simply by adding the same encryption key constant to all of your sites wp-config.php.

Take note that we only recommend enabling encryption support if you never want anyone to read your database or media files inside the Prime Mover zip package.

But if your site is large, encryption can add an overhead and can slow down the export and restore process, we don’t recommend enabling in this scenario.

But you can still add the encryption key to your wp-config.php whether you have a small or large site. However when generating export, you should unchecked encryption to generate the export faster.

Configure Basic Settings (Optional but recommended)

There are currently some settings you need to review before moving on. Read this dedicated guide on configuring basic settings.

Configure Authorization Keys (required)

Authorization keys in Pro version is used to secure the remote URL migration support. This is when you need to fetch package zips from your server and download it to your another server.

You can configure authorization keys in this simple tutorial.

Export and Restore Package

Now everything is configured, you can now export and restore package using remote URL feature OR export and restore packages via backup manager (available starting version 1.0.7).

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