Scope: Prime Mover Pro

Step 1. Create Dropbox app and get token

Before you can export and restore backups from Dropbox with Prime Mover, its important you have a working Dropbox account.

Once you have an account, you need to create a Dropbox app for your site. Then in your app, go to Oauth 2 – Generate Access token.

The purpose of this token is to serve as access for Prime Mover to save packages to your Dropbox account.

Step 2. Save Dropbox token in Prime Mover

  • Login as administrator.
  • Make sure you have Prime Mover Pro license activated so you can see the settings page.
  • Go to Prime Mover -> Settings.
  • In the Dropbox access token box, enter the token obtained in step 1.
  • Save.
  • The token is validated with Dropbox and it will only be saved if its valid and usable. If you have enabled encryption with Prime Mover Pro, this token will be saved to your site database encrypted.
  • Make sure to keep a safe copy of this token somewhere else (e.g. writing it down to make sure you have a backup.)
  • At this point, the Dropbox integration is ready so you can use it during export and restore.

Step 3. Generate export and save (optionally) to Dropbox

With Prime Mover Pro integrated with Dropbox support, you will be presented with additional checkbox to optionally save a copy of your backup or migration package to Dropbox. Take note this is an additional copy aside from the copy save in your custom backup directory.

  • Go to Tools -> Migration Tools -> click Export button.
  • Or you can also go to Prime Mover ->Packages-> Create new package.
  • Under “Export location“, you can see the save a copy to Dropbox checkbox.

If you check this box, Prime Mover will save a copy of your backup to your Dropbox account. Take note this process can take time IF;

  • You can generating a backup from your local desktop and uploading it to your Dropbox account. In this case, the latency is high.
  • Your internet connection is slow.
  • Or the backup package is very large.

If you cancel this process, the backup is still intact in your backup directory but its not save to Dropbox.

Step 4. Restore your backup from Dropbox

You need to restore the Dropbox package URL using Prime Mover restore from remote URL feature.

In a nutshell, Dropbox package URL should look like (with parameter dl set to 1).

For example:

Prime Mover restore this package by first downloading the package from your Dropbox account and then restoring it finally to your site.

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