Scope: Prime Mover Pro

IMPORTANT : If you are using Prime Mover Pro for the first-time , please read this get started guide first.

Generate Export Package at Origin Site

  • In a site using Prime Mover Pro, go to Prime Mover Control Panel.
  • Click Go to Migration Tools button.
  • Click Export button. The Export Options dialog will pop-up.
  • Select Export database, media files, plugins and themes – this will export everything.
  • Checked Export LocationExport zip to this blog Prime Mover backup directory so it can be restored immediately . This will export the package zip to your defined custom backup directory, somewhere secure in your server. This is checked by default.
  • Checked Data EncryptionEncrypt database & media files with industry standard AES-256 encryption. This will encrypt the database and media files. This is also checked by default if supported.
  • Finally click Export now.
  • It can take time to export the entire package depending on the size of your website.
  • When its completed, you will see Export saved notice.
  • Click Copy URL to Clipboard. A confirmation dialog will show that the URL is successfully copied to clipboard. Click OK to confirm.

Restore Package at Target Site

  • At target site, go to Tools – Migration Tools.
  • Click Import button.
  • Select Restore backup zip from a remote URL.
  • In the input text box, paste the URL from the clipboard. This is how it looks like:
  • Click Import button.
  • Wait until you see Import is done. It will show progress to each step being processed.
  • Refresh the page.
  • Settings – Permalinks. Re-save permalinks.
  • Everything should be restored at this point. You can check the front end and back end of the site.
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