Prime Mover plugin includes a built-in dependency requisite checker. You don’t have to worry if your site or server does not meet Prime Mover requirements because it will perform automated checks when the plugin is activated.

How it works is that when Prime Mover is activated – it checks all its needed requirements such as WordPress version, PHP version and many more. When some requirements are missing during these checks – Prime Mover is auto-deactivated and outputs user friendly message of the missing dependencies.

This allows the user to make an adjustment to the server to make sure it is compatible with Prime Mover. This checks also prevents running Prime Mover in incompatible environments that can cause a lot of unnecessary issues.

Below are details of Prime Mover technical requirements that the plugin will check when it’s activated.

WordPress version

Minimum WordPress supported version is version 4.9.8. There is no way to make Prime Mover support below than this version because there are some functions that are needed but does not exist below this version.

For best compatibility with respect to migration and backup stability – you should always use the latest WordPress version.

PHP version

Minimum PHP supported version is 5.6. The recommended version is the same with WordPress (PHP 7.4+). It is not recommended to stay in PHP 5.6 due to the security vulnerabilities.

MySQL or Database version

Prime Mover does not have specific minimum MySQL version as long as the current WordPress installation is compatible with Prime Mover (>= 4.9.8). This means it can work with legacy MySQL 5.0+, but these versions have reached official End Of Life and as such may expose your site to security vulnerabilities.

For best results with migration and backup – it is always recommended to use MySQL version 5.7 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.3 or greater. These are the same database versions currently recommended by WordPress core.

Supported Servers

Prime Mover is tested to work with Apache, Nginx, Microsoft IIS, Litespeed servers, etc. As long as your server meets dependencies and runs a supported version of WordPress (along with supported PHP, MySQL versions, etc) – you should be able to use this plugin in any servers.


  • Do server PHP/MySQL/WordPress version differences between source and target site can result in migration glitches?

Yes – typically if you have a big complicated site – there might be little differences between the source site and the target site. This is due to the fact you are using third party plugins (not only Prime Mover) and themes which of course reacts to differing versions.

For example in your original site you are using PHP 5.6 and using legacy/outdated plugins however when you migrate to PHP 7.4 new server – some of your plugins might not perfectly work and needs tuned-up/update. This can cause differences in how your site behaves.

The same is true when you migrate from PHP 7.4 to PHP 5.6 – your plugins or themes might not work correctly because of outdated PHP version.

Whatever possible – it is always to recommended to migrate to a target site with the same server specs as your source site. This will eliminate issues caused by server technical differences.

  • I find it weird that multisite migration sometimes have glitches. What would have caused this?

Take note for example that if you are moving site from multisite to single site. These are big changes for your site. It is because the site used to work with multisite along with it’s multisite plugins – multisite related settings and all network related stuff/customization. Prime Mover does it’s best to make this migration as smooth as possible. But there are times differences and glitches are bound to happen.

The most contributing factor to these differences is for sure the plugins and themes you are using. For example – say you have a multisite-only plugin and you are migrating to single site. These multisite plugins does not work anymore in single site. Thus – one reason of the differences in your site behavior.

Or if your site is using multisite related settings for a plugin which is no longer applicable when being migrated to single site. Prime Mover cannot adjust this because migration simply replace paths, domain names or hostnames as well as URLs to the target site. Changing detailed plugin settings is beyond the scope of the migration.

As usual – if you see some strange behavior after migration – it is suggested you do a post migration troubleshooting to check and review the site plugins settings after migration (and to sort out possible issues).

Prime Mover PRO also has a feature to exclude plugins. Using this feature – you can exclude problematic or multisite only plugins from your package.

The differences could become more pronounced if you are migrating to a completely different PHP/MySQL/WordPress version from your source multisite or single site. Your plugin settings, customization might be much affected in this case.

Get in touch with us!

If you think the issues could be Prime Mover related – please contact us and provide us a copy of your WPRIME package for troubleshooting. You can upload this to Google Drive or DropBox and share us the link to download it. Please describe the differences between the source site and target site. Show expected and actual behavior screenshots so the tech support knows where to find the problem.

It would be helpful to provide us as much debug data as possible such as your site info, etc. so we can mimic your server environment in our test servers.

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