When trying to activate Prime Mover plugin in a multisite – you will get this error:

This is a Freemius SDK error and not specific to Prime Mover plugin.


  • Deactivate Prime Mover plugin.
  • Reset Freemius data by installing Freemius Fixer plugin.
  • After full complete reset – logout WordPress and clear your browser cache.
  • Check that the front end of your site works – no error.
  • Login again to your network admin. Make sure your network admin works and no errors found.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Prime Mover plugin version.
  • Go to Network admin -> Sites and make sure you see some sites on it (e.g., main site , subsites ,etc.) – > it should not be empty.
  • Go to Network -> Plugins and network activate Prime Mover plugin.
  • Proceed to activation – check that you can now successfully activate the plugin.
  • If the plugin activation/Freemius skipping still hangs – check your browser console for errors. If you see some CORS related errors – please refer to this tutorial.

Still having issues?

If the none of the above troubleshooting steps work – please provide the following:

  • WordPress network admin username and password.
  • WordPress site URL.

And please send it to technical support team – we will take a look at your site and why this issue still occurs.

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