The next release – version 1.0.7 is currently under development.

The target schedule for this release is January 2020. There is no definite date of release yet. We will announce it hopefully once the the beta version will be released.

What you can expect in version 1.0.7?

  • Added support allowing Prime Mover to execute scripts in PHP-CLI mode. This is typically useful for exporting/restoring very big sites (if supported by your hosting server).
  • Many bug fixes and enhancements (we will list the breakdown once the beta is available)
  • More support to make it possible to run the plugin under very limited hosting environment (cheap or free web hosting). We have potential clients wanting to migrate to new hosting server but could not so since this type of hosting isn’t much friendly to migration plugins.
  • Usability improvement on free versions for downloading and exporting package.
  • Backup mode available in free mode. Before 1.0.7, this is not possible since a package is directly deleted after successful export/download (using free version). The package will no longer be deleted since version 1.0.7. There is a spare backup so you can re-use this package without generating another backup.

What’s set for the future?

  • We will do continuous testing and we will partner with several hosting companies to make sure Prime Mover is friendly to their environment.
  • We will add support for migrating users also (both single-site and multi site, vice versa).
  • We will add Backup management menu for free and paid version where you can optional manage backups. In free version, you can only delete and download the backup package. Whereas, in paid version you can restore it directly to your site (in addition to download and delete).

2020 will surely be an exciting and bright year for this plugin 🙂 Stay tuned!

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