The most awaited version 1.0.6 is now released and available for downloading in WordPress plugins repo (free users) and via Freemius (Pro users).

This update improves a lot of things and fixes a lot of bugs. The final change log below:

  • Fixed: Compatibility with WordPress 5.3
  • Fixed: Improved support for exporting and importing sites with very large uploads directory.
  • Fixed: Added progress indicator for large media uploads.
  • Fixed: Add media files, database and configuration files directly to archive, to save disk space during export.
  • Fixed: Added export type as requirement for export.
  • Fixed: Improved support for exporting and importing large database.
  • Fixed: Added progress indicator for large database export and restore.
  • Fixed: Automatically add support for MySQL dump shell method.
  • Fixed: Added support for migrating multisite package with different blog id to another multisite sub-site.
  • Fixed: Bug on memory leak on core package uploading.
  • Fixed: Bug on search replace found during testing.
  • Fixed: Skip search and replace process if restoring to a site with same parameters.
  • Fixed: Improved support for doing extensive search and replace on database.
  • Fixed: Added progress indicator on ongoing long search and replace process.
  • Fixed: Improved support for large export generation and restore from remote URL API and Dropbox.
  • Fixed: Improved support for importing many plugins and added import progress indicator.
  • Fixed: Slow down progress ajax request, this is a protection for shared/cheap hosting flagging a rapid ajax import/export progress as DOS attack.
  • Fixed: Upgrade Freemius SDK to latest version.
  • Fixed: Make download resumable for core export.
  • Fixed: Required sites using Prime Mover to have complete WordPress security keys.
  • Fixed: Enabled migration logs by default.
  • Fixed: If export and restore does not pass validation, returns fatal runtime error.
  • Fixed: Improved support for low memory hosting servers.

How to Update from Older versions ?

  • Upgrade WordPress admin if you see version 1.0.6 is now ready for updating.
  • If it is not showing, go to WordPress admin -> Dashboard -> Updates -> then click the Check again button and refresh the page. You should see the new version 1.0.6 update.
  • Clear your site cache (if you are using caching plugins solutions like W3TC or Super Cache, etc.)
  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Login again to your WordPress admin and Prime Mover 1.0.6 should be ready to use.

Release Notes (what is new and what to take note ? )

  • This version now requires “Export type” to be selected before the Export button is enabled. Basically this is a usability feature to prevent users from accidentally creating wrong package. This is to ensure that if you want to migrate to single-site, you should be creating single site package. Or if you want to migrate to multisite, you should be creating a multisite package and entering the multisite target sub-site blog ID.
  • All possibly long running import and export processes are now break down in a 15 seconds interval. For example, Prime Mover now dumps the database, media, plugins, etc in 15 seconds interval. After 15 seconds it ends the connection and make another request to continue to process. This is to prevent long running processes from being stalled or terminated by the server (via their own time out settings). 15 seconds should be sufficient for all sites. This can be changed via wp-config.php constant:
  • In both free and pro version, export downloads (where you want to download the package after export), can be resumed. For example, if you are exporting a big site package and your connection is interrupted or you hit the server timeout, you can simply retry the download using your browser retry download feature. This is effectively implemented by Firefox and we recommend to use this browser for export as its much easier to resume downloads than using Chrome.
  • It also improves the uploading of package (usually used with free version) to the server. It reduces the amount of request needed . If you find the estimated uploading complete time to be slow (Prime Mover will compute this for you), you can speed up by increasing your server upload_max_filesize and post_max_size directive in php.ini. And use a very fast Internet upload speed connection. If any of these options are not possible, you can upload the package via SFTP (this is faster) to your WordPress root and use the Pro feature remote URL to restore it.
  • If after updating to 1.0.6, Prime Mover is deactivated, please take note of the error. The most likely reason is that Prime Mover 1.0.6 now requires complete sets of WordPress security keys. If this is the error you’ve got, simply update your wp-config.php security keys to complete by using this generator from . This is required for better security and stability.
  • It’s now possible to export multisite sub-site to another multisite sub-site using different blog IDs. For example your source sub-site has blog ID of 5. And then you want to migrate this to another multisite network with blog ID of 7. This is now possible with version 1.0.6. You simply need to specify the target blog ID when creating a multisite package. This is supported for both free and pro versions.
  • In version 1.0.6, MySQL shell dump support is automatically added. If your server allows PHP shell functions like popen, system, exec , it will automatically dump database using this method (no settings required) as it’s several times faster than using the built-in / native MySQLdump-PHP method. This is also supported for both free and pro versions.
  • Also with version 1.0.6, the migration logs are enabled by default. This makes it easier for users to report bugs and issues to developers since migration events are logged by default. No need to enable logs and reproduce again the issue (if you find one). These logs are found by default (free version, pro version) in wp-content/uploads/prime-mover-export-files. The filenames are hashed for your security and this is not accessible publicly. You can still move these logs to somewhere safe by overriding it with wp-config like:
define('PRIME_MOVER_LOG_PATH', '/home/your/secure-path/to/test.log');

Wrapping it up

Overall, the objective of version 1.0.6 is to make easier for users to export and migrate bigger sites with Prime Mover. It also makes it easier for users to migrate single site to single site, single -site to multisite, multisite to multisite, multisite to single-site, since the export menu screen is now very clear on this.

It is highly recommended to upgrade now to version 1.0.6.

Reporting bugs

If you see something odd, please report directly to the contact form of this site, or in WordPress support forums. For pro users, you can submit bugs via WordPress admin panel via Prime Mover -> Contact Us. Please do not post logs publicly , we will only request them if needed.

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