Finally some great news for you, version 1.0.7 is released and is now available for downloading at repo and Freemius (for PRO users).

This release covers some new cool features and bug fixes.


These are the exact change logs:

  • Fixed: Stability bug fixes and improve performance in very slow web host.
  • Feature: Backup and migration management page.
  • Feature: Automatically run long running tasks in PHP CLI environment background processes if supported.
  • Compatibility with PHP 7.4 and WordPress versions.
  • Added new tests.

Backup Management Page

With version 1.0.7, there is a new backup management which you can see in Prime Mover -> Backups menu. The following functionality can be seen on this page (available in Pro and Free version):

  • Add new backups.
  • Download backups
  • Delete backups (bulk delete is supported)
  • Shows all information you need regarding the backups.

The information shown is so complete that you should not miss any details regarding the package you have created. These are:

  • Blog ID (defaults to 1 in single-site).
  • Site title
  • Site meta backup (whether the package is encrypted (media and dB)
  • Multisite or single site package.
  • Date created
  • Package mode (is it complete backup or just database , etc.)
  • Package size (tells you how big is the package)
  • Prime Mover backup directory path – this is your backups are saved. You can now upload and place your own backups (Prime Mover package only) here and it will be auto-detected when you visit backup management page.) This is not possible in old versions.

Pro Backup and Migration Management Tools

In Pro version, you will have these buttons activated:

  • Restore backup button – you will use this to easily restore a backup package right directly within your admin page. No need to download that package and re-upload it on Tools -> Migration Tools -> Import (which is how this is handled in Free version).

This is the least resource intensive restoration or migration since it will save bandwidth, CPU and memory to process your uploads or downloads (if you are using remote URL restore in Pro version).

With version 1.0.7, you can do these things to speed up restoring backups.

  • [OPTIONAL- if package is not yet saved on your current backup directory] Copy the Prime Mover zip package (whether it originated from another site or your local) to the Prime Mover export directory (you can see this path in the backup management page). How you copy depends on your hosting, you can upload that package manually by SFTP or SSH, SCP which does not use much of your server resources unlike PHP.
  • Then visit backup management page and it will appear there automatically.
  • You can restore it using the restore button in the management page.

For more details, please check out this tutorial on restoring migration package using the new backup manager.

Another button you see is the migrate site button:

  • Migrate site button – click this to copy the restore URL which you can paste to your remote site. This is usually used for remote URL restoration

Changes that you need to know

  • In old version, when you export with Free version, the package is deleted after its created. There is no way to retrieve it back except to re-create again. In 1.0.7, this is no longer deleted but instead it will appear in the backups management page.

So in case the downloading fails (broken internet ,etc), you can download it again at some later time, no need to re-export again.

  • Version 1.0.7 adds a must use plugin automatically which it is used for reducing resources when doing export and import. This must -use script plugin is automatically deleted when you uninstall also the plugin (e.g. delete the plugin if you no longer use it).
  • Even though Prime Mover runs even those PHP exec (shell functions) are not enabled, we now recommend to have this enabled (not required though) if your site is very large. Since Prime Mover can now run its processes on background using these functions so you don’t need to worry about timeouts ,etc.
  • Take note that even though CLI processing is supported (thus you have unlimited timeout). Your site can still run into issues migrating big sites if your server does not have enough memory or your hosting imposes low memory limits. In this case, we recommend you add this to your wp-config to disable CLI processing;
define('PRIME_MOVER_SLOW_WEB_HOST', true); 
  • We always recommend to use the very latest PHP version, Prime Mover 1.0.7 is fully tested with PHP 7.4 which is currently the fastest PHP version we tested to date (as of January 2020).

Bug reporting

When we release something, we don’t only check it twice , we check it many many times in almost limitless ways. And every release, we added new unit tests. This is an automated testing we use to automatically detect regressions and bugs. We added it so problems fixed don’t happen again or issues will be detected as early as possible (during our development).

Prime Mover is a backup and migration plugin that can be used in almost infinite cases, there might be edge case bugs that will slip. For this reason, we expect it to happen and we will be very happy to know it. Any problems or bugs you report will make this plugin better in the future.

Please report it to our contact page if you have the fatal error run-time logs available and please don’t post it publicly.

If you have questions (not bugs), you can use the contact form. You can contact us via WordPress admin if you have Pro version.

For free support/asking questions relating to Free version (not Pro version), please use our forums.

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