Today, Prime Mover 1.1.2 is released. This is a minor bug fix release that addresses a couple of urgent and important issues.


  • Fixed: Uncaught error max_allowed_packet on importing database.
  • Fixed: Restoring package in package management page is not clear.
  • Usability: Updated plugin texts for clarity.
  • Fixed: Uncaught error on null text response.


  • Some servers limit the max_allowed_packet in their own MySQL server. Common example is XAMPP in Windows that limits to 1MB.
  • This limitation causes import errors if you are restoring big database strings. This is now handled by Prime Mover and will inform you to increase limit via a runtime error notice.
  • We also simplified the admin pages, to make more easy to use and understand for users. For example, we replace backups with packages text because it’s more appropriate term to use for Prime Mover.

Thanks for using Prime Mover and please make a suggestion or report issues if you found one. 🙂

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