You should know the importance of securing your backups. Redundancy is a good backup solution strategy. Initially backups are created within your server. But you should also have a copy of it somewhere else (e.g. in cloud like Google drive).

Now if you store it somewhere else like in the remote cloud, or in your USB drive , or just left it in your Desktop, how secure is it? Are you sure no one is peeking your files?

The only solution is to encrypt your WordPress uploads directory, plugins and themes. This is easily accomplished using Prime Mover PRO.


Prime Mover PRO offers solution to encrypt your uploads directory (in addition to database), plugins and themes when creating a backup package. The encryption is pretty strong (AES-256) and this should be able to protect your files from any unauthorized use.

Let’s dive deeper into the encryption feature of Prime Mover PRO. Take note that this solution will work in both WordPress single-site and multisite.

Enabling Encryption Support – Creating and Restoring backups

Since Prime Mover PRO 1.2.4 – encryption support is enabled by default. For details on how to configure keys to be used with your other sites, create and restore backups. Please refer to this dedicated tutorial:

How to enable encryption support in Prime Mover PRO?

Do take note that if you create an encrypted backup, ALL of the following will be encrypted for maximum security:

  • Database
  • User data
  • Media files (all files in uploads directory)
  • Plugins
  • Themes

Once encrypted, there is no way anyone could read and access these data without your key. It can only be restored using correct key + Prime Mover PRO plugin.

GDPR Compliant solution for your backups

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requires user data to be encrypted for maximum privacy. These data does not only belong to you, it could also be your client files and content. So provide them with maximum protection.

Want to try this cool feature in your site ? Try our 14 day risk free trial. As usual, if you have doubts, questions , please add your comment or contact us.

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